Recruiting Operation Management In Human Resources Department Of Lsi Hong Kong Office

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LSI Corporation, based in San Jose, California, is an electronic company which specialize in semiconductors and software designing, developing, and storage marketing and networking worldwide. The company's main products are Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), and Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs). LSI Corporation operates its subsidiaries in many countries, such as Japan, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. As one of the subsidiaries in Asia, Hong Kong office played a main role in operation strategies.
In LSI, the position of Human Resource (HR) management team plays a key role in providing proactive HR management and service to employer and ...view middle of the document...

The purpose of this analysis is to understand LSI recruitment process to identify recruitment bottlenecks, and provide solutions to improve the process and provide more efficient services for the staff and managerial staff.

Use 4Vs to distinguish between different types of operations. Regarding to the four dimensions of LSI’s recruitment operations in HK office:

In LSI, the recruitment activities were low volume high cost demand. For low volume, because LSI made efforts to create a good working environment for employees, and the benefit surpassed other competitive companies, the employee’s turnover is average low. There were around 100 employees in Hong Kong office. Around 40% of employees worked for LSI over 6 years.

The unit cost of recruitment is high level because LSI depended on headhunter service so much. The recruitment ways that LSI use most frequently are service of recruitment website, headhunter, company recruitment webpage and employee referral policy. There were two reasons why LSI would use headhunter service a lot in recruitment activities. Firstly, because it might be difficult to find profession engineers in semi-conductor industry, such as Professional Integration Engineer, IC Packaging Engineer, from current Hong Kong labor market. LSI believed if it were corporate with headhunter, it could have more talent choices from the market. LSI also had recruitment budget for the recruitment activities. It included an enormous amount in headhunter service. Once the company hired candidates from the headhunter firm recommended, it had to pay headhunting agency service fee of 20% to 35% annual salary of candidates. Secondly, LSI used headhunter service for most temporary position, such as Planners, and Administrative staff. The managerial level would estimate the possibility about the position from temporary to permanency according to the workload.

For HR department, it has a low variation in demand. Because there are several repeatability ways, such as job search website, recruiting agency, and internal referral, to be used for searching candidate. Except recruiting agency, other recruitment ways are high usage of resources with a low cost of unit.

High visibility. Because HR will keep line managers message clear and simple about recruitment status. Staffing manager will have a meeting with line managers if it is necessary to discuss recruitment problems and ways of solution.

3. Process analysis
Step 1: Open requisition(s)
When a department has hiring request for those employees who are leaving, or for the heavy workload that needs increasing manpower to finish the works. The line manager of department creates a requisition in recruitment system—Virtual Edge after discussing with managerial level.

Step 2: Requisition approval
After creating a requisition in the system, the line manager will receive a requisition number. The approval process is run by the system. The...

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