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Specimen exam question 2: recruitment
a. Use sources A and B.
i) Describe two kinds of recruiting propaganda aimed at British women. (2 marks)
In source A, there is text that implies women’s thoughts and ideas about the war. The text reads, “Women of Britain say – “GO!””. The use of “GO!” with the exclamation mark and it is also in capital letters asserts the women’s thoughts as dominant and persuasive. This use of propaganda persuades men to enlist in the war because it implies this will make them happy. The second use of propaganda is seen in source B. Source B provides a clear example of how the military was desperate for the making of Munition by trying to persuade women to do “their bit” in the war by trying to get women to “Learn to make munitions”. This propaganda was due to the declining of men because they would be sent to war whilst women were left at home, due to this munitions was declining and therefore the military introduced this.
ii) What were the two ways in which women contributed to the war effort? (2 marks)
Two ways in which women contributed in the war is making munitions as seen in source B, and enlisting in the war hospitals. By contributing the making of munitions the men at war were able to load their weapons and have a fighting chance at winning the wat. The second way in which women contributed in the war effort was in the hospitals both on land and on boats. This would give men who were injured a chance to rest and have chance to recover before being sent home to their loved ones if the injury was significant.
iii) What kinds of images do he women in Source A and Source B represent? (6 marks)
The women in the images in source A and source B represents the changing image of women in the war, who before, weren’t allowed to associate with the war. But due to the shortages of men in the workforce such as making of munitions. Women were seen as a new workforce to replace the men as seen in source B. It is similarly seen in source A where women are seen as a reason for men to go to war, this was represented in the poster in source A where the women and the child are looking at the soldiers going to war. The emotion of the two women is represented through the body language of the women which is not slouched which would represent sadness, but their body language is strong and tall as well as their heads not facing down but straight, ‘on towards the war’ this is represented as well through the text that says, “GO!”.
b. Explain changing methods of recruitment into the British armed services...

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