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Recruitment And Selection Essay

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1.0Introduction'The number of employees who describe themselves as 'very likely' to leave their current job has increased more than 502 percent in the past year.' (Bottos 2006, 20)With this quote, one can observe that the generation Y does not really stick to one job or one career their whole life. They are easily bored or always want to try something new. By having a closer look at the situation, organisations nowadays are facing a lot of troubles with this new trend because hiring and recruiting so many people to replace others who have been in the company for no more than three month is very expensive. 'HR professionals estimate turnover costs to be about 30 percent of the annual salary of the person being replaced.' (Bottos 2006, 20) This is a large sum of money if the organisation is employing lots of people. Therefore some recruiting strategies that Catherine, from her family's six-store chain of dry-cleaning stores, can use in order to increase the number of suitable job applicants will be discussed. Furthermore a complete job advertisement will be designed and some practical suggestions that may help Catherine to reduce turnover and make her store a better place to work will be given at the end of this report.2.0What is meant by recruitment?'Recruitment is the process of seeking and attracting a pool of applicants from which qualified candidates for job vacancies within an organisation can be selected.' (Stone 2008, 197) There are two methods in which a Human Resource Manager can recruit people. These are namely the Internal recruitment method in which computerised record system and Job posting will be discussed and the external recruitment method in which international recruitment, Advertising and employee referrals will be discussed.2.1Internal Recruitment MethodThe internal recruitment method is used to locate 'qualified internal candidates' and to 'inform their existing employees about existing jobs.' (Stone 2008, 197) This method of announcing the availability of a job is the cheapest way. These are:2.1.1Computerised record systemNowadays, information about employees is kept in databases in computers. Therefore it is easier to locate any candidates with the required qualification and the advantage is that the HR Manager already knows the person he wants to recruit for the job position. The disadvantage is that the person who have been identified may not like or accept the job proposed. Catherine can use this method to recruit the manager or supervisor because it is better to recruit somebody whom she already knows and who has been loyal to the organisation. This is an incentive for other employees to stay.2.1.2Job posting'The purpose of job posting is to inform employees about job vacancies.' (Stone 2008, 197) Companies or organisation may inform employees by email, personal letters, by putting the ad on bulletin boards. This is an advantage for internal employees because they will be noticed for the job availability before it is...

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