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Recruitment & Selection Essay

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Reflective Self-Assessment Essay

The VLE assessment tool selected to evaluate the student’s comprehension of the lesson is a reflective self-assessment essay. A reflective self-assessment essay provides the student with an opportunity to self-reflect on the lesson, examine the learning outcomes, and assess the overall experience.

Specific open-ended questions prepared by the facilitator will guide the students in their response. The students will utilize critical thinking skills, demonstrate an understanding of the lesson content with evidence based support, and reflect on their involvement in the group work.

Students post their completed reflective self-assessment essay (250 to ...view middle of the document...

• Preparing and providing an introduction to reflective self-assessment will assist the students in understanding the purpose of this exercise and the value of the learning gained from this experience.

The reflective self-assessment tool is summative and provides an indication of the student’s level of understanding obtained at the end of the lesson. Students provide a response in their own words and provide feedback to their peers. The student finds great value in sharing and receiving feedback from their peers. They have a heightened level of self-awareness and experience continuous learning.

The independent study tool selected is brainstorming. Brainstorming involves pondering over ideas with a goal to devise or find a solution to a problem. This technique may include more than one person (group) or be conducted by an individual. (

This exercise will promote creative focused thinking on the problem. Students will mull over the problem and document their own thoughts and conclusions. The facilitator will outline focused criteria, the objectives and the problem that they will endeavor to solve. They will conduct research, analyze, generate individual ideas, and then reconnect as a group to share the outcome of their individual brainstorming session.

Advantages for the Student and the Facilitator when using the VLE Independent Study Tool Brainstorming Disadvantages for the Student and the Facilitator when using the VLE Independent Study Tool Brainstorming
Students share their ideas, enables free thinking, creativity and they don’t have to worry about the opinions of their peers Students may be judgmental and criticize the contributions of their peers
Individual brainstorming is quite often more effective in generating ideas than group problem-solving Students may struggle with fully developing their ideas without the broader experience of their peers
Effective when solving a problem that is simple Preparation for the brainstorming exercise is required, however, it is important to ensure that not too much information is provided as this may stunt the free thinking associated with brainstorming
All ideas are accepted, thinking outside the box is expected and supported
This is an easy concept for the student to grasp
(MindTools n.d.)

Overcoming the Disadvantages

• The facilitator encourages creativity and must emphasize that students are not to criticize or judge the ideas presented by their peers.
• Each student is accountable for participating in the brainstorming exercise.
• The students contribute all ideas regardless of whether or not they may be practical or impractical.
• A strong sense of community exists and sets the stage for a positive experience for the students.


This independent study tool provides a relaxed more informal approach to problem solving. Students can contribute information based on their own diverse experiences. ...

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