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Recycle The Present, Save The Future: Effects Of Recycling

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Recycle the Present, Save the Future: Effects of Recycling
Approximately 99% of all soda cans are solely made of aluminum; because of this it is highly important that we recycle. Additionally, more than 80 billion aluminum cans are used in the United States every year. Aluminum recycling can have disastrous effects; everyone should be required to recycle it because it is a big factor involved with saving our Earth.
There are many metals in the world that aren’t nearly as used as aluminum so it isn’t as imperative that they are recycled, but with this world wide used metal we must take a stand. It can take from 80 – 200 years for an aluminum can to decompose when left in the earth and ...view middle of the document...

“In 2009, Americans recycled 82 million tons of materials. The resulting CO2 emissions reduction is equivalent to taking 33 million passenger vehicles off of the road” (Keep America Beautiful 2013). Aluminum recycling is this nation’s future and if we as a whole don’t make the proper adjustments, life as we know it may come to an end.
With the 313.9 million people that live in the United States of America on average we drink two sodas a day, That is over 600 million aluminum cans that could potentially be recycled each day. If everyone in the United States recycled aluminum, our environment would be in a much more stable and cleaner position. Aluminum is one of the most used metals in America and by far the most abundant. Aluminum cans can be recycled in approximately 60 days and be back in the store, this shows that this metal is perfect for the majority of our mass production products. According to Earth 911:
Each year, the aluminum industry pays out more than $800 million dollars for empty aluminum cans — that’s a lot of money that can go to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, the Boy or Girl Scouts of America, or even a local school. Money earned from recycling cans helps people help themselves and their communities. Recycling helps build new homes, pays for group trips, supports a project or buys a lunch.
Not only is aluminum recycling saving our earth it is helping other people with their lives. That is why companies collect aluminum cans to have them recycled and to donate the money to one of many charities. Aluminum is one of the few metals that can be recycled and reused an unlimited amount of times. This is a huge perk for recycling companies and manufacturing companies, because they can offer incentives for aluminum cans to be returned for a small amount of money and continue to use them over and over creating a cycle that could get so efficient that new cans would not have to be made. Around 99% of all soda cans are aluminum, the only ones that are not are special edition or specially ordered, so almost every can you see at your local convenient store is made of aluminum. Soda cans are not the only form of aluminum that can be recycled. Every type can be recycled 100%, so any old lawn furniture, pie tins, house siding, ladders, or anything like that can be recycled and turned back into millions of different products.
Aluminum recycling seems like the obvious answer to many of our environmental issues, however, don’t be deceived. There are many drawbacks including, the weakness of aluminum once recycled, time consumption, the effects of the byproducts, and disposal of them. Once aluminum has been recycled, it becomes imperfect and flawed, thus causing a product that is not nearly as durable or tidy as the original piece of aluminum. So even though people think they are doing the right thing by recycling their aluminum really the items that they are giving back is getting thrown away because it...

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