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Recycling Benefit Us Essay

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Recycling benefit usWhy we do recycling, because we only have one earth, and in this modern society, we all need to think about what will happen in the future. Recycling is not the one way that we can help to save the earth for the future but also benefit the society. United States is the nation that consumes the most products, and that is the reason why the US needs to worry about recycling more than any other country. Some of the materials such as plastic that we throw away take thousands of years to decompose, and some materials like aluminum, glasses, and paper, can be easily recycled and doing so recycle them is a greater benefit more than just throwing it away. For example "It takes 95% less energy to make aluminum by recycling it than by producing it from its natural ore, bauxite. It costs less too." And also "Recycling and reusing the material in "tin" cans reduces energy use by 74%, air pollution by 85%, solid waste by 95%, and water pollution by 76%. (Cite 2) For those reasons we should create less waste and at the same time support the recycling programs. Since we will have more materials for the future and less resource will be in the trash so more resources can be used efficiently. In addition, we need to understand how businesses benefit society and environment by producing products from recycled materialsOne important topic that should be discussed is how businesses will be affected by recycling. Cited "The plastics industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the United States, accounting for more than $ 379 billion dollars in annual shipments" (cite 1) Some people could say that recycling is bad for business because the cost of making goods from recycled products can be more expensive. This idea is interesting but wrong. Recycling may not be cheapest in the short term, but it is good for the environment in the long term. According to SPI (The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc.) "The industry directly employs more than 1.1 million people. Plastics play an indispensable role in a wide variety of markets, ranging from packaging and building/construction to transportation; consumer and institutional products; furniture and furnishings; electrical/electronic components; adhesives, inks and coatings and others." (Cite1). Also, there are so many interesting products are used recycled material, (see cite 10 chart-need to change). Furthermore, the fact of waste in the US "Every year, Americans throw away enough office and writing paper to build a wall 12 feet high from New York to Los Angeles." and also we easily ignore the fact that "It takes 75,000 trees each week to produce the Sunday edition of the New York Times. Furthermore, "The average American uses 580 pounds of paper each year. As a nation we consume 850 million trees annually." However, in United States has not been so successful doing recycling because the inconvenience. While other countries like New Zealand, it has most success recycling programs for the...

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