Recycling Can Stop Global Warming Essay

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The days are getting hotter. The glaciers are melting down and we have a hole in our ozone layer, all caused by climatic warming. Climatic warming can also be known as global warming, by definition it is the increase of temperature on the earth’s surface. All around the world we see effects that go on because of global warming. Since the temperature is rising the level of glaciers melting down is becoming a danger for the world. The weather is caused by the amount of precipitation and also by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, heat waves and droughts. Also global warming is the heat gases that get trapped from cars, plants, and deforestation. Climatic warming is something that has to be taken into action to make a change and make this world a better place because of us this is happening and is finishing our world little by little. There are many things that are to do and one person can not make a difference but only if we come together and do it. Siemens have been a help to make this planet out and has actually helped out a lot.
Climatic has done a great change in our environments. The earth’s temperature is increasing and the glaciers melt down. There has been research where the Arctic’s air is warmer than that of the one in the equator. Global warming is caused when gases get trapped in the atmosphere all produced by cars, power plants, industrial process and deforestation. That is making the change of the wind to be less and gives us the greater chance of global warming. Global warming has not been around since the dawn of creation. Scientists say that it began around the mid 20th century. It was caused by man made chemicals that go into the air. These chemicals open up the ozone layer making a hole upon it. It was around the 1960’s that it started and scientists are to say global warming is to end around 2100. We pollute the air with the chemicals such as hairspray, for example. Also the cars that we use and factories are all exposing a lot of smoke into the air. Everything we burn, things go up air, we are damaging and polluting our ozone layer. The air has been contaminated and the only resource that can clean it is trees. Nowadays trees are been cut down and there had been lots of rainforests that are being left with nothing. This is costing our atmosphere to go down and make that hole.
Nowadays, because of all the chemicals that we use and have created, we there are the cause of global warming and the climate to keep on changing. We do not realize that we are the only ones that bring danger to ourselves. We do not realize that every time we want to come up with things that will make our lives easier it is actually making it worst. The ozone layer is getting a hole in the atmosphere because of all this. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the temperature of the surface increased. When the temperature rises, the precipitation is likely to increase and make pattern changes on the weather. When this occurs, the hot air...

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