Recycling, Is It Really Important? Essay

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Consciousness, it is something that should be inherent to being human. In today's society the increased consumption of goods provides to the community many advantages that eventually all delight, however, people do not even think that all these benefits imply obligations and responsibilities that must be assumed. In today's world is constantly increasing the amount of waste generated by society, therefore, is greater the damage to nature by the unaware use of non-renewable natural resources. It is estimated that the human consumption produces more than two pounds a day per person of waste. However, a significant fraction of the waste generated can be reused or recycled and that is ...view middle of the document...

One action that helps to protect and preserve the environment is in an efficient manner to use natural resources to avoid or minimize the production of waste. Finally, solid waste inevitably occurs, and these should be fully exploited. For example, recycling one ton of aluminum avoids the extraction of four tons of bauxite, the ore from which the metal is obtained, and to process this metal will produce two tons of pollutants and waste very difficult to eliminate.

When people cooperate with recycling, they are protecting the environment. There are many actions that help protect the environment. One of these actions is avoiding deforestation and this is achieved by recycling paper and cardboard, because this reduces by 74% the air pollution and 35% the water contamination. It is shown that a ton of recovered paper equals four tons of wood, equivalent to twenty trees of eighteen-year life. Reduce pollution of the soil and the atmosphere reduces emissions of effect gases that contribute to climate change and global change. Recycling helps to maintain and protect the environment for future generations.


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