Red And Blue Stress Essay

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Red and Blue Stress
You come home from an evening at the movies and someone has burglarized your home and might still be inside the house. You dial 911, the dispatch person sends a police unit to respond and check things out. The officers arrive and have no idea what awaits them as they enter your home. Will they come across the burglar, will he or she be armed, on drugs or be violent beyond control? The situation is extremely stressful and in reality the stress the officers feel is huge. Stress is a key factor in everyday life. Every job that people come across will have some type of stress. Even though most jobs carry some sort of stress, the job of a Peace Officer is at the top of the list. Police Officers sacrifice their personal, mental and physical well being to protect society. They come across daily dangerous situations as they risk their lives going after people involved in domestic violence, mental illness and drugs. They worry about their lives and the lives of others. Stress affects everyone differently, so there are different ways for police officers to handle their stress by taking advantage of programs to train and prepare them to handle all types of situations. That being said, the job of a police officer is extremely stressful and dangerous.
Police Officers often are so stressed out that they can be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When a major natural disasters happens, like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the police and first responders step into action. They are pushed to there absolute limit. “Even experts on PTSD were getting stressed out on the amount of pain that the first responders had to go through” (Fischetti). The training for these types of scenarios could be virtual situations that put the emergency personal through a real life situation that prepares them. There is no way to tell what tomorrow is going to bring. What the first responders see and experience are sometimes very difficult to get over. This can lead to emotional scars. “ The officers needed to be put in recovery centers over hearing their friends and family drowning and dying over the phone” (Fischetti). After the hurricane the police had to work night and day to get order back to the city and help the people in need. Centers that people can go to and receive therapy would be a helpful solution to minimizing the stress on the police and first responders.
There are many different ways of dealing with stress but are these ways considered affective? Many people look at police officers as targets and think that the police are out to get them. When in reality the police are here to protect us and keep order in our communities. The stress that the police go through is sometimes unbearable. They use many different ways to help ease the stress. Some use Qigong as a stress reliever. Qigong is a stress reliever just like yoga. Qigong helps relax the mind and body. This is done using movement, breathing and exercise. Many people feel that...

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