Red Army Victory In The Civil War.

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Assess the view that the Red Army's victory in the Civil War was responsible for the establishment of power by 1924Whether the Red Army's role in the Civil War was vital for the Bolshevik consolidation of power is still debated by academics and historians alike. On one hand, it is argued that if the Red Army was not a disciplined force, the likes of Denikin and Wrangel would have assumed power in the Soviet Union. Furthermore, it is also argued that the collation of the Red Army provided the Party an expendable force that would maintain order in the nation such as that shown during the Kronstadt rebellion. However, on the other hand, it is also argued that it was not the actions of the Red Army but the social and economic policies adopted by the Party such as Lenin's first decrees, War Communism and NEP that led to the establishment of power. Additionally, the establishment of CHEKA aligned the population by force to be behind the Party, which was essential in establishing power by 1924.The Red army's victory in the Civil War was vital for the success of the Bolsheviks as a failed campaign would have ousted Lenin and his Party from political control in the Soviet Union. The Whites, Ukrainian nationalists and the anarchists were the major players involved in the anti-communist camp and according to McCauley lacked clear and decisive direction and leadership. However, Westwood argues that the opposition forces were capable as was seen in the 1919 Autumn campaign when Denikin's forces threatened Moscow and Petrograd. The White Army were by no means, according to Lunacharsky, a lacking fighting force. Lunacharsky further goes onto say that Lenin's approval of Tsarist military leaders to...


Key Factors That Led to Union Victory in the Civil War

2788 words - 11 pages numbers of population, and in turn troops throughout the conflict. The overall population of the North was far superior to that of the South with a difference of some 22 million people to approximately 9 million (a good portion of the 9 million people were slaves) in the Confederate Sates ("Why did the North win the Civil War" pg. 1). This large population of people made it easier for the Union army to recover from the great loses in their numbers

Factors that Led to Northern Victory during the Civil War

2250 words - 9 pages led to the northern victory during the civil war, the large population difference between the north and the south, the embargo act, and the boarder states decision to fight for the union. The North had about two and a half times the population the South had during the time of the war. This large difference in population gave the Northern army a huge advantage over the Southern army. Not only could the Northern army have more men enlisted and

The Shrewd Tyrant -- Joseph Stalin’s Role in CCP’s Victory over Kuomintang during the Chinese Civil War (1936-1950)

3170 words - 13 pages transferred to Manchuria, Chiang should be "clueless toward this decision[13]". In other word, Chiang had been forced to approve series of agreements that he did not even know[14]. On the other hand, Stalin's Red Army was allowed to land on China's land, Manchuria. The fact that Soviets were in charged of Manchuria, China between the end of Japanese war and the outbreak of Chinese Civil War provided Mao's CCP with a boon. Chiang's KMT had no access to

The Effect of Technological Advancements on the Northern Victory of the Civil War

2168 words - 9 pages A – Plan of the Investigation This investigation is to evaluate to what extent did technological advancements of the time affect the Northern victory of the American Civil war? To assess how modern technology of the era affected its events, the investigation focuses on the inventions and advancements of the time period of the American Civil war and how they influenced or changed the course of the conflict Union in the North and its

Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States, who steered the Union to victory in the American Civil War and abolished slavery

2410 words - 10 pages , including the so-called Clary Grove boys, who had challenged him to physical combat, and was elected captain of his company in the Black Hawk War (1832). Returning from the war, he began an unsuccessful venture in shopkeeping that ended when his partner died. In 1833 he was appointed postmaster but had to supplement his income with surveying and various other jobs. At the same time he began to study law. That he gradually paid off his and his deceased

Victory! The Red Baron is down

1170 words - 5 pages Bishop with 72. This reputation he had built up relatively quickly and the bright red aircraft Albatross D.III gave him is nickname The Red Baron. In the month of April in 1917 The Red Baron shattered 22 British aircrafts including 4 in one day this was unheard of in this time of war. While The Red Baron became known to the allied nations he became more feared the more he killed getting him names as The Red Devil, and the Petite Rough. Richthofen

US Victory In Rev War

655 words - 3 pages XXXXXXX September 19, 2014U.S. Hist 11H Thematic Essay #1Reasons for U.S. Victory in Revolutionary WarOn July 4, 1776 Congress officially adopted the Declaration of Independence, thus officially beginning the American Revolutionary War. However, in 1775 the battle of Lexington and Concord was the first official battle between boston settlers and the British Army.Tensions between the 13 colonies of America and Great Britain had become too great

Rape In The Civil War

1110 words - 5 pages create a disillusion that the Civil War was a "clean war" as opposed to today. However, documentation proves that was not the case; in entry 15, Court-Martial Case Files, 1809-1894, Record Group 153, Records of the Judge Advocate General (Army), there are many cases of court-martialed soldiers who have been accused and most charged with the crime of rape (Nara). Throughout my research, I also found that many claim that if there were any rapes, it

Music in the Civil War

801 words - 4 pages Music in the Civil War The North and the South both used music extensively during the Civil War. They used it to rally troops, to march by, as recreation, and many more reasons. When the soldiers would march off to war, they took a love of song that was divided among them. General Robert E. Lee once said, “Without music, there would have been no army, music is as indispensable to warfare as money.” Alot of the time the North and the South would

Women In The Civil War

1832 words - 7 pages peireced threw her sleeve. She had been assisting him and tried to save him, but it was too late and he had died. Also these women made a legacy in life, Underground Railroad, being the first US army women surgeon, and the foundation of the American Red Cross. Mary Todd Lincoln, who was married to Abraham Lincoln. Although she was a lot different then the other important women in the civil war, she was just as important. She was the wife of the

The Civil War in Syria

1522 words - 6 pages a massive killing of one group. When such a situation occurs, then it should be necessary for an intervention as there is no other way to stop it. However Syria doesn’t fit into the requirement of genocide, therefore they are facing problems only between themselves, making it a civil war. In A Long Way Gone, Ishmael had witness many horrible deaths and many hardships, however life wasn’t completely horrible when he joined the army. As the

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613 words - 2 pages Was Northern Victory in the Civil War Inevitable? Several factors played in to the American Civil War that made it have the outcome that it did. Although the South had better trained officials due to their military school, the North was far more advanced than they. The North had the advantage over the South in several ways. However, the outcome of the Civil War was not inevitable: it was determined as much by human decisions and human

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