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Red Corner is a very controversial film. The movie explores the various social issues of today's culture. The movie has questions regarding ethics and responsibility. Red Corner also addresses the human rights issue. It takes a look at how two different cultures perceive and value human life. Because of cultural barriers, different aspects of society are contrasted and analyzed with different perspectives. Several public relation theories are also utilized throughout the film. The film emphasizes relationships and the importance of communication processes. It is shown how the power of persuasion can be used to achieve the desired results. The cultural differences also show how different societies have different attitudes toward life. Red Corner is truly a significant piece of work and the media impact is truly phenomenal.Plot Summary Jack Moore is an international entertainment lawyer that goes to China to try to land a huge satellite communications deal. He is taken out to see a fashion show and nightclub and ends up at a hotel with a girl who happens to be the daughter of an important General. He is awoken by the sounds of police because the girl that had spent the night with him was brutally murdered. He is now charged with the murder of an important General. Only his wits, and his Chinese lawyer, Yuelin, can help save him from execution. He is imprisoned in the Chinese legal system where he is exposed to corruption and mistreatment. The cultural differences and barriers make the legal system he is facing increasingly difficult. He tries to contact the American embassy but is ignored. As he continues with his adventures to try to prove himself innocent, he has to endure beatings and assassination attempts. His trial takes a sudden turn as he puts together the pieces.Ethics The movie Red Corner explores many social issues and aspects of life. The question of ethics is brought up throughout the movie. The issue of ethics is addressed within the realm of this film. There are so many facets of ethics that could be considered within this movie.The Chinese judicial system is considered to be utilitarianism. It considers the "greater-good," rather than the welfare of any one individual. This is one of the reasons why China has adopted the guilty till proven innocent theory. Along with that, ethics require honesty and fairness. However, throughout the movie, honesty and fairness regarding the Chinese government has been very lacking. The whole movie can be construed as one ethical question after another with every ethics situation leading to another ethics situation.In the film, Lin Dan uses his girlfriend Hong Ling to seduce Jack Moore to gain an advantage for the satellite-programming contract. Unfortunately, it is not the ethical way for maintaining a good reputation for fair and honest business. In the end, he paid his life for it, which leads to another ethical question. General Hong took matters into his own hand and avenged his daughter's death...

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