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The article discusses whether the definition of risk should include upside risk or confined to only threats. The definition of risk should include upside risk, as it is important to identify positive risks in projects. Projects face many internal and external uncertainties. Risk looks at uncertainties within a project that can threaten the success of a project (Hilson, 2003). Uncertainties are threats that affect the project negatively and opportunities are positives that can benefit the project (Nokes & Kelly, 2008). If risk occurs in a project, it usually will have a negative impact on one or more of the project’s scope, time, cost, quality, or resources (Brewer & Dittman, 2008). Negative risks or threats involves, understanding potential problems that might occur in the project and how they might impede project success (Hilson, 2003). Some uncertainties that affect the project negatively are unplanned events, cost overruns, schedule delays, and poor quality that can threaten the success of a project.
The earthquake in Haiti created many threats for the Red Cross providing relief work to the locals. The Red Cross needed monetary donations and had to move fast to give relief efforts in Haiti. The Red Cross faced uncertainties related to environmental factors, transportation logistics, lack of food, water, shelter, scheduling of evacuation, financing and volunteer staff. These uncertainties impede the efforts for the Red Cross carrying out their goals of providing medical care, evacuation, and rescue effort in Haiti. Looking at only the threats that would harm the project is important. However, one should look at the positive...

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