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Red Lodge, Montana Essay

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Red Lodge, Montana

It is an American tradition to travel about the country on vacations spanning from a few days to a few months. A few examples of popular locations traveled by millions of tourists each year include major cities, national monuments, ski resorts, theme parks, and national parks. These popular travel destinations are constantly flourishing with new and returning visitors looking to take a break and relax. In particular, the tourists traveling to national monuments, ski resorts, and national parks are most likely to encounter tourist towns. These towns are typically small and thrive on the abundant amounts of tourist activity flowing through the city every year. One such city is Red Lodge, Montana.

Red Lodge, Montana is a thriving community of 1,875 “nestled at the foot of the very rugged and scenic Beartooth Mountains”. While the number of residents compares too many small towns in North Dakota, the difference spurs for the abundant amount of tourist activity drawn through the small town. Tourists come from all around to ski at the Red Lodge Mountain Resort, golf on a beautiful mountainside course, or shop in the many stores lining the city. With three great options to choose from millions of tourists continue to flood the streets of Red Lodge, Montana every year.

Upon entering the city limits, it soon becomes evident that the life of the community centers around one road and it runs straight down the heart of the city. This road is a highway, that run straights through town creating an impossible site for vacationers to miss as they make their way through the area. Every if not all businesses designed to capture the tourist market are located on either side of the road in a four-block stretch. This location helps storeowners or restaurants, novelty shops, and stores to buy all the apparel a person could ever need with the name Red Lodge imprinted on them maximize their ability to generate sales. The residential part of this small community lies on alternative roads and goes about its daily life separated by city blocks from the busyness of the tourist areas.

With such a tourist focus, the town is planned to accommodate the industry. Parking runs along the primary road in addition to side streets allowing travelers the ability to park their vehicles, campers, or even buses and walk to all of the shops they desire to visit. The city is kept remarkably clean with litter almost nonexistent. Flowers are scattered around the city in pots outside storefronts, hanging along streetlights, and in flowerbeds located on street corners providing their sweet aroma in the cool mountain air. This same effort is maintained during the winter, as sidewalks are kept clear of snow and ice providing for the easy travel of tourists as they move from shop to shop.

The efforts to maintain a beautiful city are not however in vain. There is a constant flow of people for even on the slow days, tourists still are visible as they move...

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