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Red River Movie Review

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Red River Movie Review
The 1948 Western Red River is a movie of action, romance and hardship. The main characters are Tom Dunson played by John Wayne, Wagon Driver Groot Nadine played by Walter Brennan and Adopted son of Dunson Matt Garth played by Montgomery Clift. This is a western that shows the first Cattle drive of the Chisholm Trail.
In the first scene Tom Dunson was heading with a wagon train in 1851 and decides to go his own way to start a cattle ranch in Texas. His wagon driver goes along with him. Dunson’s sweetheart wants to accompany him but he tells her he will send for her. As they are ways away they see smoke and see that it is Indians are destroying the wagon train, because they wagon train is going through Indian Territory. Soon after the attack they encounter a boy Matt who Dunson later adopts as his son. The men and young boy go their way to Texas so that Dunson can start his cattle ranch. As Matt is away as school Dunson has started a Cattle Ranch of 9,000 head of Cattle. When Matt soon comes home from school in 1866 14 near 15 years later; Dunson is preparing for a drive of the 9,000 cattle to take to the railroad in Missouri.
As they travel the path to the Railroad there are many that are with him that think it is best to go west to the Abilene Railroad instead of to Missouri. He is very Stubborn and does not know anything about the Abilene Railroad and does not want to take the chance of losing money when he knows it is best to go to Missouri; he has all counting on this Cattle drive and does not want to face the possibility of going bankrupt. The men go through a lot of hardship being on a horse and being in the hot sun. They lose men from disagreements and the cattle go days without water. Matt decides so take the cattle from Dunson his adopted dad because he wants to take the...

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