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Red Sox Essay

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If you have ever met me, or know me, you would know that I love sports, and you would know my favorite sport of all time is baseball, and that my favorite sports team is Boston Red Sox. I am what you call a die-hard Red Sox fan; you can compare me as Red Sox fan to actor Jimmy Fallon’s character in the movie, Fever Pitch. My strong love for the Red Sox comes from my step-dad Phil. Phil has always been like a second father to me since he and my mom got together, back in early 2000s. Phil is always trying to teach and help me learn from my mistakes, and I have made my share of them. Nevertheless, I also cherish the moments I spend with him at Red Sox games. The experiences I have at Red Sox ...view middle of the document...

I remember walking the streets to Fenway, and seeing all the other Red Sox fans walking to the game. When we reach Brookline Street and walk cross the bridge that is over the Mass Turnpike, I remember feeling all excited about going to the game; all the anticipation from day has given me a huge Cheshire cat smile on my face. The a roaming smell of sausages and hotdogs and sound of sizzling food filled the air and gets stronger when I got closer and closer to my destination, it made me want to get to park faster. Hearing all the vendors on the street yelling and trying to sell me stuff, gets me pumped, and ready to go for game time.
My excitement level was about to go into over drive, when I saw the giant wall come into sight, from where I was standing behind the seats of home plate it was picture perfect. The giant wall is nicknamed the Green Monster or Monstah in native accent. The wall amazingly is green like its name and it stands at 36 feet tall, and 310 feet away, but looked a lot closer and shorter from where I am standing. My excitement of game starts to drop as I realize that it has started to rain; Phil and I decide it is time to go find or seats. My eyes go wide, as I see my seats are in the Coca Cola luxury box, I am thinking sweet, as my enthusiasm rebuilds. Climbing the stairs up to top floor felt like an endless climb. Walking a long hallway of luxury boxes, I am seeing the different plagues of former Red Sox greats that are hanging in the hallway, which is giving me goose bumps as I walk toward the Coca Cola box.
Entering the Coca Cola suite, it looks like a perfect small apartment or man-cave that any man would want. Flat screen TVs were everywhere throughout the small box, even in the bathroom. Smelling the hot dogs already waiting for us in the little kitchen, when we arrive is to die for; I am thinking this is “baseball heaven”. My...

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