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Red Vs. Blue Vs. Modern Media

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Over the years many new forms of media have emerged. The internet has increased the pace of the media ten fold. That might not be such a good thing. With the ability to collaborate information from all over the world in mere seconds, the entertainment sections of media exploded. This resulted in a lot of shrapnel of creative groups all over the internet. The most common way to understand this is taking to people that both consider themselves “youtubers”. Both of them may have seen years’ worth of videos and may only know a few videos that the other has seen. How is this possible? Simple, they have been in different parts of the internet. One may have constantly been watching anime videos for a hobby and would look for funny pictures in his spare time. The other may just use youtube for ideas to use in his workshop and watch truck videos on youtube. This can result in incredibly popular new types of media that are hardly talked about outside of the website. One of these new types of media is called a “lets-play”. This is when a single person, or small group in some cases, plays a video game on camera and does commentary mid play. The commentary is often based off the type of game play. Serious paying was usually used for giving out tips and tricks, casual play was followed by joking and talks of the game in general, and goofing off was used to provide pure entertainment. A group of people going by Roosterteeth took full advantage of this last “lets-play”.
Over ten years ago, a game known as Halo came out and was played by millions. One thing that made it interesting was that the multiplayer came with a theater mode. One player could go flying through the air and act as camera as the others ran around as the default space suit super soldiers known as spartans. The people at Roosterteeth took full advantage of this fact. They started out using theater mode to act out a skit of two teams of soldiers in a boxed canyon called Red vs. Blue. The only variation between the characters was the color of their armor, so they used them to identify them and their teams. The Red team consisted of Sarge in basic red, Simmons in maroon, Grif in orange, Lopez the robot in brown, Doc the medic in purple, and Private Doughnut who later earned his “lightish red” armor. The Blue team had Church in light blue, Tucker in cyan, Private Caboose in classic blue, and also Doc apparently(its complicated). How their story unfolds, from both the plot side and the creation of the plot, is important to understand how they fit into media.
They started their first season of the show in theater mode of Halo 1. The quality of these short skits were terrible, but it was just a game. They drew a small crowd on youtube regardless. The plot of these skits told a ridiculous story full of setups for jokes and humor, but was strangely consistent nonetheless. This type of plot continued for two seasons until Halo 2 came out. Not wanting to be left in the dust, they kept up with the...

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