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Red, White, And Black Essay

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The complexities of race effected the Jacksonian era through the shrewdness of the white man’s desires for economic expansion. Democracy, during its infancy in early nineteenth century America, considered all ‘people’ as equals. However, this designation of ‘people’ excluded African and Native Americans. The institution of slavery was a return investment venture for southern planters in their greed for the production of more staple crops. Many white Americans led extravagant lifestyles from the large incomes they received from the labors of their property. Also, the controversy over removing the Native American’s from their lands portrayed the voracity in which the European Americans afflicted upon the native civilizations during the antebellum United States. The Indian Removal Act and Slavery, together with all its conflicts, led to vile racial relations in the Jacksonian period and can still be seen in the twenty first century. The foregoing controversial events had a direct correlation to the economic development of the United States and led the intrinsic altruism inherent in democracies to a history set by inequalities of race.
The proto-industrialization of the textile industry in the northern portion of America brought the onset of cotton as the king crop. Cotton was grown in the southern states and was the most valuable export commodity in the antebellum period. Plantation agriculture with its inherent system of slavery was utilized during the early nineteenth century to meet the growing economy’s high demands. The issue of race was connected to slavery as the easily recognizable color of Africans’ skin, which was used as an insignia of their oppression. Argued by Harry L. Watson, European races placed stereotypes on the enslaved as being morally and intellectually inferior as a justification for the racial discrimination slavery entailed. Therefore, the rise of the economy pivoted to issues of race while antislavery advocates held political reservations. (W- 4)
Henry Clay was one of the most prominent abolitionists during the Jacksonian era and preached against the evils of slavery. Clay voiced his convictions to the American people that the longer slavery continued, the more difficult the demonic system would be to end; and as an acclaimed politician, supplemented his assertion with the human condition. Clay declared it was in a person’s nature that they were satisfied with their current state and even the African slave was acclimated to being a permanent piece of property. Clay insisted for the leaders of the nation to amend the antebellum connotation of democracy for the emancipation of all African slaves so that men could be truly happy and not deprived of their human rights. Clay, like most abolitionists in the early antebellum years, maintained that slavery ascribed prejudices that deceived the public’s bigotry of black Africans. Thus, the followers of the antislavery creed became militant in their movement in the northern...

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