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Redefining Animation Methods: From The Past To The Future

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There is a huge industry dedicated to animation and creating entertainment like movies, cartoons, video games, and educational software to deliver a message, tell a story, and/or educate the masses. Animation is the process of creating a continuous motion and shape change illusion by means of the rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each other. Anyone who as ever turned on a television, gone to the movies, seen a commercial has been exposed to an animation style at some point. Some love animation and some are not so interested in it, but regardless it is a booming business that started out simply and is evolving at a rapid pace. Animation today is very advanced and it is amazing what goes into putting things into action, especially when it comes to current animated features and video games. Creators have been able to make fictional characters appear as if they are real and have extraordinary detail, take three-dimensional animation for example. With some 3-D animations it is hard to differentiate if it is indeed an animation or a film with real actors. Scenery can be just as detailed as its real counterparts and characters, although still cartoon-like, have very realistic detail from facial muscle movement to pigment in their skin and eyes. There are some two dimensional works that are exceptional as well. Many are created by drawing out each individual scene and combine in sequence. One can see that 2-D animation today has seamless transitions, compared to jagged transitions exhibited seen in earlier animations. This is due to the thriving technology that animators have at their disposal. From black and white, flat and jagged with poor audio quality to vivid colors, three dimensional figures, and booming sound effects; animation shows that it can stand the trial of time and triumph. There lies a question, though, what is next in the animation world? What other breakthroughs are there to be made that are better than three dimensional and four dimensional works? That is what research is intended for, to see where animation is going and what the next big thing is and how it will revolutionize animation techniques.
This research could be important for people who want to enter the animation business and want bring something new and innovative to the field. Businesses and artists that already exist and thrive can benefit as well, they can set higher goals and compete with each others to strive for a better product to give to its audience whilst learning how to adapt with the ever changing times. Also animators can find out what methods are still appropriate or valuable when things are becoming obsolete at a fast rate. Recognizing the benefits of updated methods of animation can ultimately save companies time and money when producing an animation, thus leaving more for the actual quality of the characters and storyline. These works can inspire those who view them to do similar or greater work and...

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