Redemption: No Piece Of Cake Essay

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"ABC. Easy as one-two-three. or as simple as do-re-mi. (Jackson) As the song says, some things are incredibely aesy to do. Walking the dog, eating breakfast and getting dressed are all things that are quite trivial in people's everyday lives. They must do them, but they tend not to greatly affect the overall outcome of things. They are clearly defined from start to finish and once they are over, they normally leave the human counsciousness forever. But then there are the real issues, the ones that truly do matter. They are more abstract and emotionally drainig process that lead to a particular goal, like the goal of redeeming one's self. The Kite Runner paints a true picture of what redemption really is; not glamorous or simple and once it is reached, there is not an automatic reward. While still achievable, getting to a point of redemption involves coming to terms with one's inner self, going through many struggles and dealing with all the repercussions that follow.Before one can take the road to redemption, they must first make peace with themselves. This is the case for Amir. After learning of Baba's infedelity, he has to come to his own terms with it and get past the secret that completely changes his life. He must also realize that he can very well get in trouble for trying to save Sohrab and lose all he has built in America with Soraya. he says, "I can't go to Kabul, I had said to Kahim Khan, I have a wife in America, a home, a career and a family. But how could I pack up and go back home when my actions may have cost Hassan a chance at those very same things?"(Hosseini 238). By using reasoning and relating his situation to what could have been, he manages to not let himself leave the problem and actually get up and do something. The path to redemption is only unlocked when the seeker leaves their faults behind and becomes a stronger person on the inside.furthermore, the actual journey of finding redemption is a hard, frustrating and seemingly impossible one. The search for redemption takes Amir back to where he thought he would never be again; to a place where he must face his old enemies and confront his painful past. Sometimes the way to redemption involves leaving what one knows and journeying into an unfamiliar world. For example, in the pursuit of redemption, Amir goes back ti Afghanistan, and although he was born there, he still feels like a complete stranger, as he cannot even recognize it after all the warfare in the country. The search will also lead to uncovering one's skeletons and all they hoped to forget . In meeting Assef again the past that Amir thought he buried comes out again. Amir says,"What was that old saying about the bad penny? My past was like that, always...

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