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It is in gaining a sense of our identity that we find a place to belong. This is presented in Episode 4, Stand Up, of the television series Redfern Now, directed by Rachael Perkins.

On Joel’s first day his parents accompanies him to the front of the school where they take a photo. This is shown by the close up shot imitating a portrait. The photo is taken at a time when Joel feels comfortable and accepted in his family, reinforced by Joel’s father’s words “Joely I’m proud of you, alright.” Throughout the episode we see the tension build in the family. Joel’s mother would rather conform to the school and their policies even if it didn’t fit into the indigenous culture whereas Joel’s father ...view middle of the document...

At Clifton Grammar there is a school rule where every morning the students must sing the National Anthem. This becomes a barrier in Joel gaining a sense of identity as he is stuck because singing it “doesn’t feel right” but in order for him to stay at the school it is necessary for him to forget about his cultural differences and stand up and sing it. The National Anthem has no personal connection to Joel. He sees it as the song that is “sung at footy grand finals and cricket games”. When the camera presents Joel in the middle of students orderly standing in lines singing the National Anthem he seems to be struggling with the words we realise that it is not something that he is use to. The high angle wide shot of the school standing and singing the National Anthem at assembly shows that the school is quite conservative and has a strong and unified tradition. Students are expected to look and act in a manner that represents the school. Individualism isn’t welcomed. Joel’s sense of identity is...

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