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Reducing Recidivism Through Educational And Vocational Programs Bakersfield English Research Paper

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A Call to Action: Reducing Recidivism through Educational
And Vocational Programs
In terms of methodology, Brown and Rios use a computer-based program with
educational software to teach the inmates valuable reading, writing, and math skills.
Moreover, Brown and Rios believe that learning mathematical and reading skills are
critical in today’s job market because Brown and Rios notice the trend that so many
employers are looking for candidates who can perform college math and reading
skills. Based on the awareness of the National Institute for Literacy, Brown and Rios
strive to ensure that their training/teaching methods consist of assisting inmates
with needed math, decision making, literacy, and communication skills.
Greasley asserts that quantitative data can be used to determine how strongly
a relationship is between two variables. Greasley refers to how studying the strength of a relationship between two variables consists of looking at the interpretation through the basis of an interval data. In keeping with Greasley, this proposed study will involve finding research that measures the time spent in an educational or vocational program, as well as outcomes following their release.
Hail bases her studies on the belief that the general population benefits from inmates having the opportunity to participate in educational opportunities because these
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are the types of opportunities that keep inmates from returning to a life of crime. Besides, the goal is for inmates to learn how to become productive out in the workplace so that they will not return to prison. Hail stresses those citizens in general will feel safer with these inmates trying to change for themselves and for their family members. As for the methodology in Hail’s study, the primary focus is on teaching the inmates the basic skills. These basic skills include arithmetic, developmental reading, basic writing, and academic development. To report the success of Hail’s program, the inmates were able to reduce their levels of recidivism upon completion of the basic skills program.
Roberson notes that many community colleges and the Department of Labor offer programs and opportunities for inmates to learn employable skills to earn a living. Here is an important finding from Roberson: “Some prisons and jails contract with local colleges to offer courses, certificates and degree programs to offenders. Studies conducted during the 1990s reported an average of 46 percent lower recidivism rate for offenders who participated in PSE” (43). PSE stands for post-secondary education. Psychological principles based on Lev Vygotsky’s emphasis on scaffolding paved...

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