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Reducing Turnaround Time On Specimen Results

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As a clinical laboratory manager in charge of maintaining the laboratory services throughout the hospital, it has come to my attention that there is a delay in turn around time on specimen results during the night shift. With this, the medical director has informed me that the delay in test results may increase the risk of complications during surgery and decreasing all other services. As requested by the hospital administration, employees must take action right away to increase the efficiency of services, minimize costs, and reduce the length of a patient’s stay. In a few months a hospital inspection will take place; therefore, immediate action must be taken to fix these problems.
Clinicians strive for service quality at all times. This includes the amount of error in a test, such as inaccuracy and availability, expense, significance and aptness. What they appeal the most is a prompt, reliable and effective service given at the lowest cost possible. Of these many features, effectiveness is the most essential to clinicians, who may sacrifice analytical quality for a more rapid and efficient turnaround time, also known as TAT (NCBI). TAT subsists as one the most evident laboratory services and is often used by lab managers to expert the value of the laboratory. It is used to improve the services at hospitals and laboratories. TAT is a performance indicator which is used to provide a joined source of data useful to the laboratory in order to set goals.
Inadequate TAT is one of the major sources of criticisms to in the lab regarding incompetent service and expends a great deal of effort from laboratory employees in complaining and improvement of service. In order for this issue to be resolved, a survey was distributed to participants in the morning round of a hospital. According to The Clinical Biochemist Review, results that may have contributed to the performance of participants could be the procedure of phlebotomy rounds at an earlier time in the morning, adjustment to employees work schedules to manage their strength with the work needed. As well as supplementary employees to process the specimens and advance the specimen transportation to the laboratory in sets in order for testing to start on the first set of specimens as phlebotomists return to collect the second set.
As the lab manager, I have decided to propose a few plans to improve laboratory services and turnaround time. I plan to investigate the Turn around time problems that may be occurring by getting to the root of the issue. By getting to the root of the problem, I may propose a plan such that I will sit down my employees, make a thorough strategic plan of why the issue occurred, ways to improve the issue, and ways to prevent the issue from recurring anytime in the future. I may also propose a competency plan in which a method of action will be made for those who do not pass the competency plan and make a correction on it. The end result is to have a staff with the goal of...

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