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Reduction Of Diarrheal Diseases In Under Five Children In Lagos, Nigeria

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Promotion of hygiene through hand washing
Based on the evidence that only 26% of the population in Nigeria wash hands after defecation, 46% wash hands before eating and 3.6% wash hands after cleaning a child’s bottom (Lagos 2013). A five year strategic plan will be rolled out in one of Lagos slums to reduce diarrhoea in children aged of 2- 5, a pilot project will be conducted in Makoko. Since 95% of the population has no piped water and in our short implementation plan as much as we provide clean water through chlorination of shallow wells and boreholes, will distribute alcohol based hand wraps in all local daycares, preschools and pharmacies. The roll out in schools will be in form of ...view middle of the document...

Studies have shown that, relative risk of children dying from diarrhea increases two-fold in children with vitamin A deficiency (Lweendo, 2010).

Similar studies have shown that in the context where under-five mortality rates are high, giving semi-annual vitamin A supplements to under-five years decreases overall rate (Lweendo, 2010).

Engagement of Local government in establishing the sanitary and hygiene infrastructure
Since it is estimated that 48.4% of population in Lagos have no access to improved sanitation, the Lagos State Government has been coordinating its efforts to ensure proper sanitary and hygiene in public places. This project will mobilize resources to in order to build toilets in public places. The toilets will be handed over to four big market places namely Ajara Retail Market, Ajara Badagry, Agbalata and Six Solar Powered Communal toilets. This efforts mainly intends to prevent the outbreak of water and air borne diseases due to open defecation that affects the entire population especially children under-five of years.

Studies have shown that, despite of fewer sanitary and hygiene infrastructures in public places in Lagos, there still a notable efforts of sanitary inspections conducted. For example, in the year 2013, more than 70% of planned inspections were reported to have undertaken in the city.

Involvement of none state actors such as non-governmental organizations
The efforts to fight against diarrheal diseases in Nigeria will be implemented in collaboration between the state and non state actors. It is evident for example that, funding for water, sanitation and hygiene in the city of Lagos is low ( Lweendo, 2010). As it is earlier pointed out, majority of the population in the city of Lagos lives in slums were water shortages are most common. Since there are a number of none state actors who are working in the city of Lagos to ensure the marginalized communities are accessing safe water in order to curb the outbreak and spread of diarrheal diseases.
This project will mobilize the coordinated efforts to reduce the causes of diarrheal diseases. A good example can be drawn from the work that has been done by Water Aid in Nigeria. This non-governmental organization collaborates with federal, states and local government as well as other partners to ensure clean water is delivered to some of the poorest communities in Nigeria, including the city of Lagos. Since Nigeria, is characterized with rapid population growth, political instability, poor governance and scandals around corruptions, have witnessed the years of inadequate water. Therefore, inter-sectoral coordination supported with participatory governance will be the major focus of the implementation strategy. This will help to lobby and push for budget allocation, enactment, formulation and implementation of related policies, procedures and legislation to deal with the problem in...

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