Redundant Array Of Independent Disks (More Commonly Known As A Rain Array)

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RAIDIn computing, a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (more commonly known as a RAIN array) is a system of using multiple hard drives is a system for sharing or replicating data among the drivesThe basic idea behind RAID is to combine multiple small, inexpensive disk drives into an array to accomplish performance or redundancy goals not attainable with one large and expensive drive. The underlying concept of RAID is that data may be distributed across each drive in the array in a consistent manner. To do this, the data must first be broken into consistently sized chunks, often 32K or 64K in size, although different sizes can be used. Each chunk is then written to a hard drive in RAID according to the RAID level used. When the data is to be read, the process is reversed, giving the illusion that multiple drives are actually one large drive.The main benefits in which RAID will provide are data protection and availability. RAID protects your data in the unlikely event of a drive failure. If a disk drive fails in a RAID system, network clients are unaware of the incident and they continue on with their work as if nothing happened. The RAID system continues to perform read/write operations and if a hot spare is available then it automatically becomes part of the array and data that was on the failed drive is automatically regenerated onto this new drive in the array. The various levels of RAID architectures as described by Charles M. Kozierok are defined below.RAID is a method of combining several hard drives into one logical unit. It can offer fault tolerance and higher throughput levels than a single hard drive or group of independent hard drives. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive (or sometimes "Independent") Disks.RAID is a mature technology that speeds up data access while at the same time protecting your data from hard disk failure. RAID is quickly becoming a necessary component in every network since data loss and downtime can prove both fatal and financially destructive. Most networks are designed to provide instant access to massive amounts of data. More and more employees have to access customer and other databases. Intranets and corporate Web sites provide access to huge databases online. RAID provides increased storage capacities, and protects your important data from hard drive failure.BackgroundThere are 5 (or 6) most commonly used RAID levels. These levels are not ratings, but rather classifications of functionality. Different RAID levels offer dramatic differences in performance, data availability and data integrity depending on the specific I/O environment. There is no single RAID level that is perfect for all users.While the I in RAIN now generally means independent, rather than inexpensive, one of the original benefits of RAID was the it did use inexpensive equipment, and this still holds true in any situations, where IDE/ATA disks are used.More commonly, Independent (more expensive) SCSI hard disks are used, although...

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