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GENERAL INTRODUCTIONNowadays, education is one of the most important thing and demand for improving the knowledge is increasing every day. In the modern society, people is trying to learn much more knowledge to have a comparative advantage in their subject. Whoever, from the old men to the young children, always has a wish to reach the new information and improve their own knowledge. However, for almost people, especially children who live in the rural of Vietnam, always have not enough ability to satisfy their learning demand. In the rural, parents try to earn more money to improve children life and they do not have time to care about their children knowledge. However, they do not understand that education can improve their children life. So that seeing an urgent and real situation of Long An's people, we have a plan to build a tutoring center in Duc Hoa town for everyone especially for secondary and high school students with the initial capital of 500 million VND.COMPANY'S INTRODUCTION:With divine and great purpose, our center will be called the "High Flying" that tells the missions and purposes of our center. With "High Flying", we hope that those who want to reach the peak of knowledge will feel satisfied when deciding "High Flying" is the great place to learn.With an initial capital of 500 million, a number can be said that is fairly modest when establishing a company. We cannot spend heavily to build or buy office space. In addition, from the perspective of those who do business in the future, we must think how to achieve optimal efficiency with highest profits while costs are the lowest. Therefore, we decide to rent an office where a prerequisite is that it should be convenient to work with our enrollment. With the remaining capital, we will use one part to decorate and buy the necessary tools and equipment as desktop computers, printers, copiers, etc. In addition, we will also spend some money as the cost of electricity, water or renting classroom in local school as a place to teach. In particular, we must aggressively spend huge amount of money to recruit good teachers and especially marketing cost. Thus, our center will operate easily.Product and serviceAs mentioned before, our central "High Flying" offers two main types of services.The first service is home tutor. In this type of services, "High Flying" would be a bridge where the intermediary to the educational needs of more students and tutors. From there, it helps parents and those with more education needs to find appropriate tutors at reasonable cost. We will have a teacher as a tutor for those who need educate but have inability to go to the center. Furthermore, the center "High Flying" is also a place where the support of the teachers and the best students to find part time jobs more suitable and effective.Besides, the center "High Flying" also opens directly tutoring in reasonably locations with space which is friendly and positive. We will hire a classroom of one school in the...

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