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Reengineering Process Essay

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Preparing the Organization
Using my current organization as the target for reengineering, the following steps will prepare the organization for the reengineering intervention. The first step for preparing the organization is a strategic approach; our leaders defining the future business need or current business problem being addressed for restructuring one or more organizational elements; specifically identifying the issues that the reengineering intervention will enable our organization to achieve, either through technology changes, organization structure, or process changes (Chinta & Kloppenborg, 2010). Part of preparing the organization includes identifying the business case for reengineering creates a sense of urgency; specifically if we do not change, we will lose market share and our competitive advantage (Hall, 2006). Additionally, having the entire organization agree that a problem exists provides purpose and vision of the desired structure and performance of the organization. The second step is to communicate the issues and desired outcome that the required changes will address. Communication will come in two forms, the first is to meet face-to-face with the employees and then in written form outlining the same plan conveyed in the face-to-face employee meetings. This step takes into consideration that people have different learning styles and methods for processing new information. The third step is for the leaders of the organization to show commitment for leading the intervention and being involved in the entire transformation process (Business process reengineering, 2010). This action will provide the employees with the confidence that leadership is in it for the long haul. Furthermore, the leadership will model a positive attitude about the desired changes and demonstrate adaptability and an open mind towards the reengineering effort. The fourth step is to obtain support from the key organizational members’; key organizational members’ are those that are in either an official leadership position and those that are the unofficial leaders of the organization. The unofficial leaders are those that are role models or those that are not afraid to share their opinions candidly. Another element of obtaining support is to recruit change agents for the purpose of promoting and implementing the proposed changes from within the organization.
Rethinking the Way Work Gets Done
Rethinking the way the organization accomplishes work requires examining how the organization uses its inputs, completes the transformation of products, and the outputs to the customer (Cummings & Worley, 2009). The examination involves assessing our organizations’ key performance goals, business processes, operating procedures and output objectives with the purpose of identifying opportunities for improvement. Before making any improvements, my organization must have a good understanding of its business processes and objectively analyze the processes to...

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