Reference Checks, Background Checks For Bio Server Systems

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Completing the proper background checks on potential employees is an essential step in the hiring process. Failing to do so can cost an organization time and resources in the hiring process, but equally important is the cost on a company’s reputation (Tate, 2012). BioServerSystems (BSS) has learned the hard way that failing to perform the appropriate checks can impact stakeholders trust in a company. Unscrupulous individuals can infiltrate an organization, creating costly expenses in legal fees, hiring costs, and costs to the organizations reputation as a result of failure to carry out due diligence in the hiring process. There are a variety of checks that can be performed, legal implications associated with checks to be aware of, methods to check effectiveness, as well as additional steps that can be conducted in the initial screening process which can reduce liability and increase due diligence in hiring.
Proposed Background Tests for BSS
Quality applicants understand that there is an impetus to perform checks to ensure due diligence in the hiring process (Tate, 2012). Assuming, as BSS has, that the information supplied on a resume or application is correct can lead to disastrous outcomes as over 65% of applicants falsify information on their resume (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). This number should be alarming to organizations and should prompt concerted attention in scrutinizing applicants. Background checks can be formal or informal; they can include a formal process of completing a background check form or involve an informal review of media sources for the appearance of a candidate’s name (Association of Executive Search Consultants, 2011). Some common background checks include: reference checks, criminal background checks, educational checks, professional reference checks, employment history confirmations, credit checks, and civil case screenings (Association of Executive Search Consultants, 2011).
Reference Checks, Professional Reference Checks, and Employment History Checks
Reference checks afford the opportunity to confirm that an individual is who they say they are and they possess the skills they say they have. Past performance is the best predictor of future performance; speaking directly with individual who have previously worked with or known the applicant can confirm what they report in their application or resume (Go2, 2014). BSS can contact individuals associated with previous employers or educators to confirm dates and duties listed in the application as well as to confirm if the individual is eligible for rehire.
Criminal Background Checks
Criminal background checks are an essential process in certain positions. For instance, an applicant for a position of trust for financial information, any position associated with the care of a child, positions in charge of personnel documents, or other positions of trust should undergo a background check to confirm there are no documented legal infractions or...

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