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Referencing Essay

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Academic skill one is referencing, which indicates the right ways for universities students to cite or quote some sources such as books, journal articles, and websites in assignments. When I started to learn academic writing, I found that the referencing has great influence on the whole assignment. In general, referencing can bring strong evidence to support our argument and avoid plagiarism; otherwise, if we fail to reference the sources, this would be defined as plagiarism and the students have to face academic penalties.
I did not really understand the Harvard referencing system at the beginning because I was not familiar with the referencing criteria and had never done it in my previous ...view middle of the document...

1) argue that “referencing is the process of acknowledging the sources you have used in writing your essay, assignment or piece of work.” Furthermore, any of those references without citing or quoting is defined as plagiarism (Cameron, 2010, p.147) and fail to have a good academic performance. Therefore, I really need to be clear what references are and how to use the correct approach to reference the sources in order to avoid plagiarism when I use them in my writing assignments.
It is very important to know the referencing skill not only because it can give the other’s knowledge and ideas to support or argue the content I wrote, but it also avoids plagiarism which is a serious issue that each university requires the students do not plagiarism by referencing in the right way. Thus, I can write to strongly convince the readers because most of the ideas from the specialists are probably acceptable after they research for years. To enhance our ability of referencing correctly, the tutor...

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