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Reflecting On Failure Essay

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Before my first semester of college began, I thought that if possible failure should be avoided. I believed that failure was not good for me because it would only show my weaknesses. The first day of English class, we learned that we would be talking about our failures throughout this semester and that we would be able to work with our failure and learn about the quality of it. At first that was a little scary to me because for the past few years I ignored my failures and only focused on my triumphs. As the semester went on, I learned that my failures as a classmate, as a group member, and as an individual would allow me to be a better student. If I were to grade the quality of my own failure I would give myself an A.
During this semester, as a class we worked on three challenges. With these challenges, we also had to do quizzes, peer reviews, short videos, and readings. The course seemed to meet most of my needs in order for me to succeed with the challenges. The needs the course met where that the course was able to give me a background of certain topics that I needed for any of the three challenges. For example, the short videos and movies really shaped my understanding on our main focus and the background, which was education, for the three challenges. Although this course met most of my needs, there were some things it failed at supporting. The hardest part for me with writing the three challenges was to change my old way of writing and not make my writing so broad. Some of the support I would have wanted from this course was more time and help to learn how I could change my ways of writing and how to make it better so that it would not be so broad.
One of the hardest things for me this semester was working in groups. I am the type of person who will most likely gravitate to working alone instead of in a group because I like to have as much control as possible. I think that as a group member I failed in allowing my group members a chance to play their role in the group. For example, when our group leader was going off track or not on top...

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