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Reflecting On The Hindu Temple Of Greater Chicago

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The purpose of this paper is to provide a reflection on the field trip to the Hindu Templ of Greater Chicago. After a brief Introduction to the Context, the Watercress tool will be used to highlight my observations.
In our study of the Hinduism, the class visited The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago (HTGC). This active temple is a house of worship that serves thousands of devotees as they pay hamage to a diverse variuety of Idol and spiritual gods. Taughted as one of the oldest religions in the world, it accepts all religious belief systems and God. In fact, the Temple is designed to accommodate any and many gods to include the practices and rites of the devotees. Our volunteer tour ...view middle of the document...

He further showed us the location of the on site library where these texts can be borrowed.

when using the Symbols portion of the WTR CRESS , The first thing you notice is the breautiful arch ways as you drive through the entrance of the compound. The next sight you see is an orange peach colored meditation temple beside the statue of Swami Vivekanada. The first site we visited on the compound was the Sri Vivekananda Statue. As you clamb the steps leading up to the staute you notice engraved plates mounted across each step. Once you arrive at the top where the statue is centered, you notice engraved plates are sparkly mounted around the rail. The statue is bronze and stands about 10 feet tall in rememberance of the great Swami Vivekananda who shared his famous speech during the 1893 World’s parliament of Religions.

The next thing you notices is the amazing10th century indian architecture. Detailed etching climbs each external structure. In addition to the orangist peach meditation center, there are three other building on the compound. The Rama temple, Ganesha-Shiva-durga temple, and a community with gift shop connecting the two temples. As you enter the building from the gift shop entrance you immediately notice numerous statues, pictures, and idols representing various gods. Everyone brialntly colored and arrayed with flowers and jewry. The are of various sizes ranges from a few inches to several feet. Idols are primarily black stone, with the remaineder either pink or blue.

when using the Taboos portion of the WTR CRESS , The first taboos that governed this visit was the removal of the footwear. Every place we went were treated as sacred travel routes or holy ground. This added a sense of reverence and holiness to each temple you entered. The next taboo was a prohibition against picture taking. No one was allowed to capture images of the plethora of idols we encountered. Some areas contained signs and barriers where visitors were not allowed to cross. Additionally, communicating with the various priests, brahmas, or vedits was not allowed directly. Communication went through the guide to the priest and the response was shared a little later after leaving the area.

when using the Rituals portion of the WTR CRESS , The temple devotees pratices numerous rituals to honor their particular god. Some ran in circles, some left fruit and rice, some bowed, laid prostrate, or did push ups. Moreover, some had tattooes or some kind of inking on their face and forehead. Some where dressed in a kind of silk robe. When asked about the color and care of the idols, the guide told us the gods had to be cared for similar to the devotees. They had to be cleaned, dressed, provided food, and other...

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