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As I near the conclusion of my first semester at Spelman College, I truly cannot help but to sit and reflect back on everything that I have experienced. With a combination of the stressors of college, the people I have met and the experiences that I have been given the pleasure of enduring, I can whole-heartedly state that Spelman has allowed me to take the reigns of an incredible world. A world filled with multiple opportunities, potential growth, and surreal experiences. With this said, it almost became inevitable for me to undergo some type of change. Although my original goals stay true to what I have stated them to be prior to attending Spelman, they have surly deepened and expanded in the greatest way possible. I have now come to a deeper realization of who I want to be, with an addition of what I want to do.
As many know, Spelman is known for its strong connection to volunteer work, and the idea of giving back. I have always had a heart for community service. Giving back to the community is one aspect of my life that I believe is not only is beneficial to others, but greatly beneficial to myself as well. I continue to volunteer simply because it makes me happy. Being able to help others, whether on a small or large scale, gives me an astounding sense of satisfaction, and Spelman has allowed me to realize this. To be able to see the direct change I make in another person's life is priceless. With all the experiences I've had through volunteering, I feel as though my work has helped me grow as a person. Prior to coming to Spelman, the majority of my community service has been done on an independent basis, yet Spelman has allowed me to perform volunteer work within a sisterhood that thrives on community service. I have come to grow fond of the strong bond. To volunteer alongside girls like myself that I consider my sisters has allowed me to see what I am truly fond of. It is a compilation of these experiences that has brought me to the creation of a new found goal in my life. As I matriculate through my education, long beyond Spelman's gates, I now want to incorporate the factor of giving back into my lifelong goals.
One addition to my goals as an aspiring dentist is to not only stretch a hand out to the people in my immediate community, but to people beyond the borderlines. This is what Spelman builds its name around; “a choice to change the world.” Simply through this seemingly short semester, I have been able to grasp this idea completely. I envision myself going far beyond the borderlines of the United States in order to bring medical attention to thousands of people in third-world...

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