Reflection On How To Make The Most Of Working In Collaboration With Others

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In Lawrence’ (2013, p.195) point of view:
“In the management classroom, theories on reflection and experiential learning clearly influence the use of personal, reflective writing exercises. They are used to illustrate course concepts and help students take charge of their own educational experience (and, therefore, practice making meaning for them).”
Therefore, through reflection, we can make connections and examine our learning processes. When I started to learn this module, I found it includes lectures and seminars to examine the theory and practice of relevant areas through group cooperation and individuals work. These learning outcomes let me achieve communication and collaborated skills with my group members and enrich my work experience. Gibbs’ reflection model is the most common one which widespread in many areas. This work is going to use his model as follow:
In Semester one, each week, I was responsible for applying the theories, frameworks, and case studies into my portfolio work. We discussed what learning troubles we had experienced. However, I have little chance to present my ideas because I had not prepared well and I could not have range of knowledge of the relevant subjects. In Semester two, I worked with the other four students to cope with group-work projects via doing decision-making processes throughout six board meetings (WRSX). I did prepare the board meeting agenda for each on the grounds of analysing and evaluating the given sources and the theories and practice we learned through this module.

I felt so uncomfortable at the beginning of discussing the knowledge we had gained from weekly theories, frameworks, and relevant case studies because I did not know what to say to the group. I remembered I was embarrassed that I sited alongside with my group members and to be a “loyal listener”. To make it worse, I couldnot answer the questions they asked. Thus, I felt confused and lost my way and as a result, I was unhappy for my portfolio works because I spared little effort to formulating them. Otherwise, if I spent more hours on my works then I would have done better. Moving to the simulation, as a group member to cope with the issues of WRSX, I was embarrassed as well as I was not good at communicating with unfamiliar people. We have discussed each agenda item and make a decision each time, but they sometimes changed their mind at the last minute. Hence, I usually felt hard to reach an agreement. Besides, I have not enough time to address and write the board meeting minutes and consequently, I was warned by our tutor. I felt mortified but only in that way did I realise the essential of working effectively and the responsibility of contributing to our group.
I found that I did not perform well for the first time I studied as a group because I was in an unfamiliar climate and as a non-English speaker. As said by Blume et al. (2013), the new studying environment requires me to change the...

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