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Reflection Essay On The Positive And Negative Sides Of The Unit Plan

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The strengths of my Unit Plan are that I have tried many different types of lessons for my students. These included: Prior Understanding Discussion, Games Simulation, Interactive PowerPoint Slideshow, Map work, Primary Document Reading and Analyzing, Visual Image Interpretation, Film Analysis, Comparing and Contrasting, Continuum, Debate, Station Activities, Group Work, and Individual Research. I tried to incorporate these into the lessons more than once to address the wide arrange of learners: Visual, Written, and Verbal learners. I also worked on asking the students questions that were not just some basic factual questions to higher order thinking questions looking at themes and trends in history and in societies. This is why I choose the theme of Empires and the Rise of Empires. I wanted there to some general connection with these different groups of people all around the world. One major connection was the idea that they were all Empires in their own right, some more successful and well know then others. The second sub theme in this unit that I try to get the students to understand is the importance of culture blending and interaction. We addressed this issue throughout the unit and especially as the basic background to the whole unit.
The weakness of my Unit Plan was at times I felt like I had to do too much of the interactive PowerPoint, to address some background information for each topic or group of people that was introduced. That took some valuable time out of the total time I had for my unit. Many times I felt that I was rushing through parts of my unit due to SGO’s, testing, assemblies, fire drills, or lockdowns. This is common for every teacher I just need to work on better adapting to the situation and changing my plans when these situations occur. Second, some of the work I gave the students as a formative assessment was repetitive and weak in higher order thinking skills. This would be define the definitions in the given section and take a half a page of notes on the given section.
The three examples of student work I will be showing is from their summative unit project where they created a brochure of an empire we looked at during the course of the unit. The students answered numerous questions about the empire listed in the assessment sheet and provided their own opinion based on their research. The first example of students work is excellent (labeled student 1). This pair of students did excellent work. They answered all the questions in complete sentences, they following the basic directions of how it should be organized, provided examples when required. For their opinion section they both provided good answers supporting their opinions with facts and evidence. A weakness in the student work was that they could have described the pictures they included and in one section they mention a tax they could have told the audience what that tax was.
The second example of students’ work is average (labeled student 2). The...

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