Reflection Assignment 2 Following Johns Model Of Structured Reflection

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Reflection Assignment 2Following Johns Model of Structured ReflectionFor this placement I was on an elderly male medical ward. As I have had no previous experience of care in a healthcare setting their where numerous thing with which I had to a customise myself with.Johns Model of Structured Reflection (Johns 1998)1.Write a description of the experience. Ask yourself:*'What are the significant issues I need to pay attention to?'On my first day on the ward it was decided that I should shadow one of the staff nurses to acustomise myself with the ward. During this induction we had to assist an elderly gentleman with sever diarrhoea the gentleman in question was quit large and almost completely immobile. On inspection of the patient he was incontinent of both urine and faeces the staff nurse then talked with the patient explaining to him what had happened and that we needed to clean him and change his bedding. It was very difficult to understand what he said in reply because as I found out later he was also suffering from sever oral thrush making it painful for him to open or move his mouth. We began by removing the top sheet and counterpane and it was decided that because the patient was lying slightly to the left we would role him towards the staff nurse leaving me to do the majority of the cleaning. As I had never encountered anything like this before I was getting more and more flustered as to what to do and whether I was doing it correctly and each time the patient moaned in pain I felt worse. the staff nurse with me was helpful but as she would have done this kind of thing hundreds of times she was not very instructive as it probably seemed perfectly obvious what to do and how to do it. Each time I did something I was thinking what now, how do I do this and slowly convinced myself that I was hopeless and incapable of even changing a bed. Whilst rolling the patient over towards me to remove the old sheet I started to feel hot and dizzy the nurse working with me noticed this almost straight away called for some help to take my place and took me to the visitors' room to sit down and recover.2.Explore the experience using the reflective cues:*Aesthetic: Ask yourself:a)-'What was I trying to achieve?'b)-'Why did I respond as I did?'c)-'What were the consequences of that for:*The patient?*Others?*Myself?'d)-'How was the person(s) feeling?'a) We where trying to clean and change the patient to make him more comfortable with minimum pain and distress.b) I think I responded as I did because of several factors. firstly I was very nervous about being on a new ward with all new surroundings and people, I had never come into close contact with a completely immobile patient who relies on someone else to do everything for them, I was very conscious as to whether I was doing the right thing or not and it was quite warm on the ward all of these factors contributed to me felling out of place getting flustered and the panic reaction.c) * For the patient I can only...

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