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Organizational Change Management Essay

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A Human Resource professional needs to be aware of a multitude of methods and concepts when it comes to managing organizational change. There is not just one set procedure on how to make change happen efficiently and effectively. It is imperative that all aspects of the change process receive attention in order to create a unified entity. Although all concepts in managing change are important, this paper will focus on three essential concepts that have been learned throughout the course and how those concepts work together to ensure a successful change initiative. Followed by a personal action plan, which will detail how the knowledge from this class will be beneficial in the real world.
One of the most important steps in creating change is learning why organizations need change in the first place. It would be easy for companies to continuously stick with what is familiar to them, however, that is not always the best method to promote and expand their business. With a growing economy and technology changing practically by the minute, it is necessary for mangers to transform their organizations accordingly in order to sustain business. Pressures have a large role in forcing organizations to change. They emerge both internally and externally on an organization. A successful change manager is one that can understand these pressures and how to turn them into an achievable change.
Knowing about resistance to change is also essential. Not just knowing how to overcome it, but knowing the signs and the reasoning behind the resistance are critical. Being perceptive is an important trait to have at this point. By nature, people resist change because of its unfamiliarity. Change managers must be able to decipher whether there is resistance because of the unfamiliarity or if there is resistance because people do not think the change is a good idea. It is the change managers responsibly to follow the necessary actions to overcome resistance. Too much resistance will halt the progression of the change and inevitably make it unsustainable. Change managers by themselves cannot make a change happen; they need to gain buy-in from the employees.
The third and probably the most important concept, is communicating the change. Lack of proper communication will without a doubt make for rough change process. Change managers should become familiar with strategies for communication and how to ensure that the vision for change is clear to everyone involved. Not being able to effectively communicate will most likely increase the amount of resistance to the change because people simply will not understand your mission.
These three concepts, along with the others learned, work hand in hand to ensure the change initiatives success. Failure at one point will create a downhill domino effect that is nearly impossible to overcome. When the change managers are aware of what the pressures to change are, it is easier for them to create a strategy for going about the change....

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