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For the subject of LHE 3212, English Language Teaching Method, students were needed to partake in macro teaching as its one of the course’s requirements. This macro teaching session was tasked in a group of four students instead of individually as we had a lot of time constraints in this particular semester. My group members, Yazid, Izati, Adibah and I were the third pair to present our macro teaching. The waiting was painful as macro teaching can be a daunting task if faced unprepared. We presented on the 17th of February 2014, Monday.
This lengthy coursework started out with a group task of writing a weekly Scheme of Work to depict the topic or theme that will be used later in the macro teaching task. The group members and I brainstormed many different ideas to include in the scheme of work as we were not 100% sure which were more suitable. We finally decided on the theme of Science and Technology with our topic of Social Network. The following task would be the lesson planning. However, the lesson plan part of the coursework was supposed to be an individual task. Nevertheless, we sat down as a group and gave comments and suggestions to one another to complete our lesson plans respectively. My lesson plan was about social messaging applications such as What'sApp, Line Chat and several others. It was quite difficult for me to compose a good lesson plan as I could not visualize the flow of my lesson. I would guess I lack the experience and confidence in composing a lesson plan.
Before the macro teaching process itself started, we had to choose which amongst the four lesson plan would be selected to be used in the macro teaching as a single lesson. At the end of the day, the four of us decided to go ahead and use Adibah's lesson plan. We agreed to choose Adibah's lesson plan because she went to get the lecturer to comment and ammend on her work several times. Therefore, we decided that her lesson plan was the closest to the guidelines provided by the lecturers since she made a few changes to adhere to the coursework's guidelines. We agreed that this would be the best lesson plan to be used in our macro teaching.
We focused on social network because we believed that the students at this day and age are more tech-savvy, especially those students in urban and sub-urban areas. Our lesson's focus was the social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Adibah's lesson plan, however, focused further into the usage of hashtags in those social network medias. Upon choosing this lesson plan, the four of us immediately discussed on how were we going to include and make the materials as our teaching aids. For the set induction stage, we selected the icons of the social network medias and printed them out on a piece of paper. We wanted to use the icons as a warm up session to let the students know that they are going to learn about something very familiar to them. Next, for the presentation stage, Adibah said that she would take...

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