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The aim of this essay is to reflect on the person-centred care I provided to a client in my Practice Learning Environment (PLE). I will demonstrate the practical application of Module 3 (Involving People) of the 10 Essential Share Capabilities and how they influenced my delivery of person-centred care. The Ten Essential Shared Capabilities were established to support the growing importance of person-centred care and values based practice (NHS Education for Scotland (NES), 2012a). The essential shared capabilities, which I will focus on, are working in partnership and person-centred care. I have selected the Gibb’s (1988) framework to guide me through the reflective process. Furthermore, to reinforce the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2011) confidentiality guidelines, I have used the pseudonym “Thomas”.

Thomas is a 29 year old who lives with Down Syndrome (DS). DS is a learning disability (LD) caused by the non-disjunction of chromosome 21 during cell division and is characterised by the presence of dysmorphic facial features; furthermore it affects mental and social development (Evans-Martin, 2009). When working with people with a LD, nurses must understand how to uphold the legal and ethical rights of the individual as well as ascertaining the individual's capacity to understand choices and outcomes (NMC, 2008). The task I will reflect on is completing Thomas’s admission. Thomas’s arrival time was scheduled for 9.30am, a busy time within the PLE; furthermore, he was fifth on the morning theatre list which meant his surgery would not be until 12.00pm. My journey with Thomas commenced when I was handed his case notes and asked to admit him. Unfortunately, I had not been given the opportunity to read his notes, so I was unaware of his LD until I met him. I efficiently tried to involve Thomas in all aspects of the care I provided. By using effective communication methods, I aimed my questions directly to him, involving him at every opportunity. However, occasionally he did not fully understand me, so to facilitate the conversation further, it was essential to work in partnership with his father.

Since I had no previous experience of working with a person with a LD, I initially felt anxious about being involved in Thomas’s care. Levett-Jones and Bourgeois (2009) explain that feelings of anxiety are entirely natural for student nurses. I was concerned this anxiety would impinge on my performance and, therefore, affect my ability to communicate efficiently. However, I began to look upon the new experience as an important learning opportunity to enhance my personal and professional development (NES, 2012a); this helped me to compose myself, resulting in my confidence progressively increasing and my anxiety decreasing. Additionally, since I had not studied Thomas’s case notes, I was unsure of the level of his capacity, and I, therefore, felt unprepared for the situation. Feeling unprepared in situations is...

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