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Reflection Of The Impact Of The Technical Writing Course On My Skills

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This memo is to discuss what I have learned from the technical writing course and its impact on my writing skill as a nursing professional.
Good writing skills for nurses improve health care delivery and promote empowerment. In the last 5 weeks, I have learnt to use a systematic process for writing and revising documents. I also got the opportunity to practice my technical writing by completing the hands on assignments included in the course work.
One of the key things I learnt in this course is the importance of the audience that the document will be addressed to. If the document does not meet the needs of the people reading it, then it is a useless piece of document. The audience and the purpose for the document must dictate the way the document is written. The concept of topic sentences and supporting statement as components of each paragraph was also one of the critical points of learning in the course. This approach helps to highlight key points in the document. It is also important to make sure all documents written have a purpose, using the right tone suitable for the audience with short concise sentences.
Looking back at the assignments done in this course I learnt that my technical writing skills needed to be improved. Being able to organize documents in an appropriate, persuasive and coherent manner for the reader plays an important role in workplace communication. Learning and practicing this skill as part of the course work has had a tremendous impact on my critical thinking ability to properly articulate the messages I want to pass across to my colleagues or boss at work. I realized that it takes less time to mentally compile a report to my boss or colleagues if I have prepared and organized my thoughts and comments beforehand.
Also, following the guidelines from the instructor in writing the instruction document (assignment 3), has helped to affirm the progress I made during the course cycle. The document was written and organized in a way that a layman could understand and follow. The guidelines...

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