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This week has been yet another rather interesting one. Given my track record, it appears “interesting” has become the norm for me. There were some compelling points addressed by Willimon in his assessment of the “The Pastor as Counselor.” I was moved by one particular statement in regards to the professional loneliness often felt by the pastor, or preacher in my case. It indicated it was a “painful irony…that the minister…finds himself on the periphery, often pleading in vain for admission.”(Page 161) This statement echoed in my mind, because I often find myself succumbing to the clinches of loneliness. Feeling as if my ministerial journey is a very lonely one; one in which few could understand. But then I am reminded of the bigger picture and realize that I am on a mission, which has been prescribed by God. The loneliness I feel parallels the loneliness Willimon refers to. The feeling as if I am on the side lines anxiously waiting for someone to call me in. I always seem to be on the cusp of where the action is, but never quite being able to participate in it. But as I mentioned earlier, this is just a short lived reflection and it soon passes. I know; however, that it’s still there, lying dormant waiting to resurface at any given moment. How does this relate to my ministry? Well, in many different facets. I am doing my practicum at one church, but I am still amenable to my home church. We had our last Quarterly Conference for the Conference year and it has been almost two months since I had the opportunity to actually see most of the members who were present. I found myself being overwhelmed and accosted with words of “It’s so good to see you.” “I have been missing you!” and other such statements of kind regard. After hearing these words over and over I finally began to respond with, “Well, I’m just a phone call away.” “You could have called.” Then it dawned on me once more, just how superficial these words can be. There is no substance. After making my comments, I guess a few began to feel bad, because I was then meet with words of, “I have tried to call.” Well to just make a side note, in this day and age with all the advancements of technology; it is essentially impossible to not notice a missed call…and I can assure you, there have been no calls. I digress. Instead of making this statement, I simply grinned and said okay, well thank you. This again demonstrates how when others are in need you are expected to be at their beckon call. When they need prayer, hospital visitations, and basically any need; I am right in the middle. But when it comes to just overall care and concern for my wellbeing, I still anxiously await the genuineness to emerge.

On Sunday, as the...

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