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Reflection Of Values And What Matters

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Everyone is different, and with different people come different values. We all can’t come to one understanding of what should be an “important” value to everyone because we cannot see eye to eye one what we should value. There are many variables that create the difference between everyone’s values, whether it’s their past, future, morals, family, cultural, or life lessons. Being a young adult, I believe I’ve managed to find what I value in my life at this point where my life has brought me. I’ve come to appreciate things that I cannot hold on to. These things I cannot have forever or will change. My values are not materialistic things, all the money in the world can afford to buy time, respect, and relationships.
I’ve come to comprehend that time cannot be possessed. Time does not wait for anyone or anything. Although it cannot be touched it can be seen. It will continue regardless if you beg it to slow down or stop. It will not undo itself for you. With a blink of an eye, time can utterly change lives whether. I’ve come to value time regardless if it’s others or mine own.
I barely recall my grandmother on my mother’s side. She was my only grandparent that was still alive when I was born. I wished that I would have had the extra time to remember her better. She past a few years after I was born and I can scarcely remember her faint face. As I grow into a woman with age, I realize that everyone around me is getting older as well. My mother, the only woman who can see through me is a pure reason why I value time, the way that I do. With all her ill health conditions, she manages to be the core of my family. I am wishing for time to stop for me to show my appreciation for my mother for all that she has done for my family, myself, and putting her last. My mother is the one person that I could say taught me, how to care, for not only ones self but for others.
I’ve come to understand that I can wish for all the time, but time will not wait. I’ve come to cherish every minute of life whether it be with my mother, or everyone and everything else that I have in my life. I’ve come to cherish time because if I do not take an opportunity when it is offered, there may never be a next time. With time, I’ve have grown to realize that I may not want things to change I will have to accept it. I have to make the best of what I have at the time.
Respect is the golden rule and well known. It may be over said, but can never be overdone. It is very important to me that I give and get respect to and from everyone. I believe that everyone may value things differently, but respect should come automatically. Giving respect shows a lot about who a person is. Respect is taught to be practice, it takes time to truly understand how respect works. It may sound easy but considering that we are human beings with needs, wants, and emotions these can interferr on how we actually repersent respect. Respect can go a long way with life, it can tell alot about someone.
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