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Biological Clock
Everyone’s sleep patterns (sleep cycles) are regulated by their biological clock, most commonly defined as a circadian rhythm. Light changes during the day, sends signals to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), located in the hypothalamus in the brain, which intern releases the melatonin hormone that signals the body to sleep when light has decreased. Being that I commute to and from work over an hour both ways every day and I am a full-time mother and part-time student, it is hard for me to get an adequate amount of sleep everyday. One night I may have to stay up extra late to finish an assignment for school or I may have to wake up earlier than normal to get my children to ...view middle of the document...

Parenting Styles
The Psychology textbook gives an explanation of three core parenting styles that has been observed through research: Authoritarian, Authoritative, and Permissive. The authoritarian parent runs their household similarly to a dictatorship; the child has no input to any household decisions and has to conform to whatever behaviors that are expected of them. Authoritative parents are lenient in their disciplining manor of children and they do consider the input of their children during decision-making. The text also mentions the parenting style of a permissive parent. Permissive parents can be subdivided into two different types. A permissive-indulgent parent offers emotional support to children while encouraging them to make their own decisions. A permissive-neglectful parent is detached emotionally and does not provide any discipline or guidance to the children.
After learning about the different parenting styles, I was able to identify which type of parenting style that I am practicing with my children. I am now able to classify myself as an authoritative parent. I discuss almost everything with my children to give them understanding and clarification and to accept their input of any decisions and outcomes of different situations. I discipline my children when I deem it absolutely necessary. This section has also helped me to identify possible behavioral and temperamental outcomes that my children can exhibit based on my style of parenting. Many people often share their opinions on how certain situations should be handled while parenting. I accept some of their input because I do understand that there are several different parenting styles, but that does not...

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