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Reflection Of Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right From Wrong, By Christina Hoff Sommers.

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1. Do you think Sommers’ observations; “Conceptually and culturally, however, today’s young people live in a moral haze,” and that they, “are incapable of making even one confident moral judgment,” is generally/somewhat accurate- why or why not?

This article brought up new and interesting ideas that I have been contemplating a lot on recently. The idea that Sommers mentions closely relates to my interpretation of relativists today. In society today there is a strong pull towards relativism. The belief that anyone and everyone can believe whatever they want without using any means of moral guidance from outside forces. The individual can structuralize and create his or her own moral compass. As long as the actions that any given person commits do not inflict harm on others, then it is not right of anyone to impose judgment upon that person. This way of thinking is horrendous in my mind. They fact that my generation is inclined to this way of thinking disturbs me. With the absence of moral guidelines that are not objectified, comes a corrupt society. Society will soon lose all sense of absolute truth and ethics if this way of thinking continues. Sommers illustrates this “relativism craze” perfectly in his observation.
In my experiences, people nowadays tend to believe that no concept of belief applies to everyone. Individuals create their own concepts to believe in. When confronted with criticism on their action of “beliefs” (I put beliefs in quotation because I believe that if this people reject the ideas of morals and right and wrong being applicable to all people, then anything they “believe” in is not actually a belief) they reply that no one person has the right to impose judgments on other peoples beliefs. I find this way of thinking absurd, and it seems Sommers agrees. I think that rather than being somewhat accurate, Sommers observation is exactly the situation.

2. Are Sommer’s observations accurate about you? Why or why not? (Please feel free to be honest)

In my case, Sommers observations are inaccurate, but I represent a small minority of the youth today. Being religious, specifically Catholic, my morals have been grounded and guided by my family and church since I was born. I believe in an ultimate truth, and ethical right and wrongs. I believe in sin, in Christ’s sacrifice, and the afterlife. A relativist can possibly believe these same things, but there would be still one substantial difference between us. The relativist would hold the belief that his “belief (even though it is the same as mine) cannot be objectified to any other person. I hold the belief that these truths are absolute and applicable to all humans. The denial of these truths leads to external misery.
I do not mean to sound inhumane and merciless. These are just my beliefs. I have had many critiques of these beliefs, most of which were relativists who questioned why I thought I had...

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