Reflection On A Daughter Losing Her Father

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This is a day I will remember for the rest of my life, it was like getting the wind knocked out of my body, like someone hit me in my chest, my head was left spinning. I felt grief and frustration like I never felt before. I have known death before (having family members in my families die), but to see my child suffer was something within itself. It all started months before, when my daughter found out that her father was once again serving time in prison. He had messed up again like he has done so many times in her life, while she was growing into an intelligent, woman despite his bad decisions. She didn’t know at the time what she was about to experience, and something I couldn’t stop her from knowing, that type of pain!
It was Christmas and I was tasting the most delicious food ever. My mother is a wonderful cook: dressing, turkey, black eye peas, potato salad, just like Thanksgiving all over again. All you could smell were the sweet potato pies and the spice cakes baking in the oven. This was Christmas and we were planning for my surgery the next day, we were talking about “who was going to bring me, who was going to stay while I was in surgery.” We all had to be up really early, about 6:00 am the next morning, which was December 26, 2012. I say about 4:30 am I was woken up by a phone call from my daughter Shamecca, She was hysterical, crying, yelling, and hard to understand. Before I could find out anything I had to calm her down, which wasn’t an easy task to do.
I finally got her to take a couple deep breaths, between her sobs, and the words that finally came out weren’t what I wasn’t expecting to hear. I knew she was uneasy about me having surgery on my leg for Pulmonary Artery Disease (PAD), she had blurted out ‘that her father had committed suicide; he had hung himself in his prison cell Christmas night.” “What!” “This can’t be!” “Why would he do such a thing?” He was young and in good health yes, he had his issues, but he had his children and his sisters to think about. After all they all just lost their mother Charlene a few years before and they were all each other had left. This was Christmas night, and this would be imbedded...

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