Reflection On Brazil’s Human Rights Violations Compared To The World

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Human right violations are still severe in Brazil for those who are having their right to public security, their right to land, and their juvenile detention centers . Currently the people of Brazil have not been able to enjoy many of their human rights. They have had to experience police brutality, along with their land being taken away and their women being mistreated or forced to be slaves. Many countries in the world have similar problems to those in Brazil. These countries include Tunisia, Haiti, and Honduras.
One human right that is violated in Brazil is the right to freedom and safety. Along with Brazil, this violation is made in Tunisia. The people in both countries have been beaten, imprisoned, and tortured by their own police officers. Many powerful, deadly methods have been used by officers to torture these citizens. They have not been able to feel the safety they deserve by their law enforcement officers who are breaking the law. Even though the human right violated in these countries is the same, the police are acting differently. In Tunisia, the people who are being abused are protesters. For example, on May sixth, a man was arrested after a protest and beaten by police officers until he was later taken to prison. When he arrived, him and many other prisoners were brutally beaten and refused access to food and water. On the other hand, in Brazil, the protesters are being severely beaten, tortured, and many times killed. After they are killed, the police tend to cover up the reality of what happened to make themselves look good. Many times, the claim it was a shootout and they tried to rescue the victims. The right to public security is being violated in both Tunisia and Brazil due to the corrupt nature of those who are meant to protect their citizens.
Furthermore, in both Brazil and Honduras, the detention centers are in horrible conditions. In Brazil, their biggest concern is their Juvenile detention centers. The juvenile detention centers are filthy, decaying, and extremely overcrowded systems that do not even meet the basic standards for health and hygiene. Their system lacks effective oversight and many of their officers that abuse the children are being let go...

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