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Reflection On Class Essay

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Reflection on Class

My sixth period students begin to enter the classroom and many of them
speak to me as they enter. The bell rings and I walk into the
classroom closing the door behind me. I immediately begin telling
students to sit and begin the warm-up that is written on one of the
white boards. As the students settle they begin their warm-up, but
many of the same students continue to laugh and play during this
period. I call for the warm-ups, which are then collected. Daily I
launch the lesson with few interruptions, but there is always the
occasional excessive talking. After the lesson has been launched I
let the students loose to explore the concepts at hand. I begin to
circulate the room to assess students and to keep students on task.
One student in particular will just sit back, talk, and laugh if
allowed. I went up to the students and sat down beside him. After
sitting down I said come on lets work through this problem. The
students reply was that he does not belong in this class, and that he
does not like and can’t do math. I said come on Forest lets try to
work through this together. Forest attempted to work through the
problem as I had asked of him. After working through one of the
problems I asked him to see if he couldn’t do the next one and that I
would be back to check on him. I continued to monitor the students
helping out when necessary. I eventually went back to check on his
progress and he did the problem correctly for the most part. It was
now time to go over the problems as a group. Before I could finish
completely going over the problem the bell had rung and class was


Forest can be considered an underachieving and unmotivated child.
Something that I hear each day from him is that he can’t do math.
Forest does not have confidence in himself. When I am working with
Forest I can tell that he understands the concepts that we are
covering, however, there are times when he makes mistakes. What
student doesn’t make mistakes though? It is when I leave him to

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