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On July 14th 2012 a song was released which created a storm throughout the world, it was so different to the other music in the industry, so catchy, the dancing was so unique. It was put on to YouTube and a paradigm was created. So let’s see what is behind this music because on first thoughts one would quite feasibly argue what has Gangnam got to do with theology. Having to reflect on Gangnam? This is not theology, what on earth has theology got to do with this, and what sort of a college is this God? But once starting to research more into Psy and Gangnam, eyes were truly opened; let’s discuss the details and findings of Gangnam and the man behind it.
What is Gangnam
Gangnam has become a very affluent part of South Korea one might suppose it could be put on par with Beverley Hills, with the posh cars, big houses, designer labels; high maintenance one presumes is a high priority. But over thirty years ago it was an area no different from the majority of areas people live in. Money has been pumped in to make it what it is today. In 2010, the average household carried credit card debt worth a staggering 155 percent of their disposable income. Subway transport seems to be the main way to get around, no different from the western word really and there has never been any conflicts with regards to the faiths in South Korea, the sentiment of their culture is built on Gi (universal Energy), Heung (intrinsic energy of Joy), Jeong (Attachment, affection and Consideration). They convey peacefulness and simplicity as being part of their cultural heritage.
The Singer
Psy, is a singer, song writer in his 30’s whose real name is Park Jae-sang, he is married with two children and comes from Gangnam, Soeul, South Korea, media have reported him as having his only personal trouble but Psy openly admits to it. Psy is quoted as saying, “he is a fun loving person, and not that handsome and I know it”. He is the sort of person you want around when you’re feeling down. He was quite a rebellious character at school but did attend Boston University and then enrolled at Berklee College of Music in the U.S, then returning to Korea in 2000. No qualifications were attained but he made his own way. He was the one who put Gangnam style on YouTube, and could not believe what was happening when comments came in from different languages. Justin Biebers’ manager even contacted him and Psy had to apologise after a time because he didn’t believe him. Psy has toured all over the USA and the UK; he has met Barack Obama, UN general secretary Ban Ki-Moon, and was invited to speak to a group of students at Oxford University. The tune has taken the world by storm but have they taken on board the theologian message?

Gangnam Lyrics/Video with Theological Reflection

So what is the theological reflection into this song as it is put under the microscope? As you can see some of the verses are actually in the bible. Looking into the theology of this song has been...

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