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Reflection On Group Project Perfomance Essay

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1. Describe and explain the characteristics of effective groups. What are some of the characteristics of
ineffective groups?
There are a few key features common in a group regardless if it is an effective to ineffective group atmosphere, communication, leadership, decision making, and criticism. How these features are handled will in fact decide if a group is effective or ineffective. In an effective group the atmosphere is informal, engaging, relaxed, open, and comfortable. An ineffective group will be formal, disengaged, tense, guarded, intimidating, and stiff.
Communication in an effective group is open and honest, everyone can speak. In an ineffective group communication is dominated by only a few people and is selective listening. In an effective group leadership is clear, but changing as the group evolves, not one person knows everything. In an ineffective group a leader is closed off and treats the group as a dictatorship, their word is law and will hear nothing else.
In an effective group decision making is by consensus, with real important matters openly discussed within the group. In an ineffective group a decision is forced upon others in a group. Criticism in an effective group is constructive and frequent. In an ineffective group give only negative feedback.
2. How do you see yourself as a group member? What is your pattern of behavior in functioning within groups?
I see myself as a very positive member of a group. I walk the line of keeping everyone focused on the task while making the environment fun and upbeat. I will be the first one to take on the tasks that no one wants to do to for the greater good of the team. If I finish my work and see that other people needs help I will offer a hand to help with the work load.
3. What are your strengths in functioning in groups?
I feel that I am a team player. I...

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