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Reflection On Hu 210 Essay

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What distinguishes a difference between two physically similar humans? What if they are the same age, equal body structure, grew up in one neighborhood, went to school together, and have many friends in common but they do not call the other one a friend? Our inside world puts us into separate groups where we, most of the time unintentionally, choose people from particular groups and not the others. Each person’s philosophies of life, preferences in music, art, literature and entertainment, and different ways of learning humane acts become more evident to us as we grow older.
“Religion is integral to daily life for billions of people around the world (Janaro & Altshuler 315).” Many people’s philosophies which guide one’s life choices come from religious teachings. One of the main ideas which is the core of many beliefs is that we should treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. When we tend to concentrate on other people’s feelings and their thinking we become less self-centered and more caring of those around us. Even though each decision has essential focus on one self, the outcome of positive actions to another impacts the individual’s view on life in different and unexpected directions. It is almost impossible to predict the influence which will be caused by a random act of kindness to one or society.
Any choice that is made by a person holds one or more philosophies which justify the selection. Knowledge of all possible ideas of thinking is not necessary in order to make a right decision. Our upbringing, environment, peers, and other small and almost invisible parts of our lives affect the path which we follow with the purpose of finding the meaning of life. Sadly, many people conclude that physical pleasure brings joy and it is the only escape route from bitter reality of their lives. “Pleasure is good and natural, therefore it should not be our goal (Detrick “Philosophy”).” We, human beings, thrive to satisfy our wants and needs with anticipation of the followed relaxation which is subconsciously promised by our convinced minds to us. Tendency to assume that reward is a required result of our deeds indicates the selfishness of our doings.
Fulfilment and growth of our spiritual world compels patience, time, and strong will in order to succeed with desired goal. It is significantly simpler to follow the lead of the crowd, stop thinking for ourselves, and await for the prize of peace in the end of journey. In contrast to this lifestyle, Jean-Paul Sartre encouraged people to stop expecting someone else to make our life happy, but simply do it ourselves (Detrick “Philosophy”). In reality, each person is in charge of their own happiness. There are times when other people’s attitudes influence our built delight but even then it is important to remember that only we are able to control our emotions and actions. Several factors come to the rescue when our mind needs a...

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