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When I think of the word Identity, the primary words that come to mind are body, soul and conscience; not because I know this to be true, but because this is what I have been told throughout my life. However, my interpretation of the meaning of identity has somewhat changed since being asked to write on this subject.The word that triggered my uncertainty with the term identity was 'Body'. Some people believe that your identity has a lot to do with the body you have been given. If you are deemed "ugly" by people, then you are identified in a negative way. On the flip side, if you are identified as "pretty", then the same populace has created your identity. During class time, I remember when ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, since realistically we have no clear or distinctive idea of what a soul could really be, how is it possible to base a definition upon it? For instance, some countries in the world strongly believe that after life your soul becomes another person which is called reincarnation. That being said, an individual's soul, let's say Sir Isaac Newton could be reincarnated into someone else named Jimmy who just so happens to be the neighborhood drunk. If the soul has in fact reincarnated into another individual, does this mean that Sir Isaac Newton and Jimmy are identified as one person? Again, I would say not - regardless of your religious views, it is safe to conclude that these two individuals would be described as having two separate identities.Finally, we come to the word conscience. In my opinion, conscience is the only word that describes the true essence of identity. One's conscience drives the ability to sense right from wrong. When trying something new in life, you rely on you conscience to lead you in the right direction. Now, it can be said that your conscience is a direct reflection of your upbringing. Your parents teach you from a very...

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