Reflection On Life Essay

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Reflection on Life

What makes up a good family? Does your family communicate well? These are the questions that many people in America ask. They battle with these questions everyday when they think about the way their family acts. I have also battle with these questions especially when it comes to my family. My family is one of uniqueness, which causes lots of conflicts. I battle an individualistic sister, a communitarian mother, and a civic republican brother. With all these different personalities in the house it is no wonder it seems like our house is a lifestyle enclave. Looking at my family is like looking at American homes today. It shows the effect of a society that is all about on the go activities.

My sister would be in my own words a perfect example of an individualistic person. She like in the book Habits of the Heart only deals with issues that are important to her. My sister focuses on what can make her life better and if this involves some kind of communitarian activity only then will she participate. She mostly jumps from relationship to relationship because of her need for pleasure. It matters not to my sister what is going on with the world unless it affects her personally. A good example of this is when my sister and I volunteered at a local shelter for Thanksgiving. This is a ritual that I have keep since my grandfather past away. My sister went to the shelter this year in order to get some volunteer hours for her transcript because she wants to transfer to another college. At the shelter she saw first hand for the first time in her life people less fortunate then herself. This shook her up, and made her think about how lucky she is only then was my sister finally concerned about the homeless problem in America. Even though, this sound likes a made for television movie they show each year, around the holidays it is true and shows how like my sister the individualistic community of America that we live in. In this way she is a perfect example of individualism in America.

Moreover, my mother is on the other end of the spectrum. My mother in her own words "Gives a piece of herself to everyone." She is a very good example of a communitarian. The first sample of her kindness starts with her occupation. My mother has been a junior high school teacher for 25 years. During this time many people have realized my mother's giving and kindness for her community. She is...

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